Dating with BC diagnosis and treatment!


thought this might be a good and positive thread to start, as many of us struggle with body image and worries of whether we may ever date again, especially when we are single.

As this forum is about hope and inspiration, it seems a good place to put it.

So, this thread is about sharing positive experiences and some thoughts and support for those who are struggling with this specific subject. It also would be nice to read about your personal challenges of why you may be strugging.

Hoping I won’t be the only poster, as I start to share my story.

Keep it clean! There is a private group for more intimate stuff. I shall pubish the link, when it may be appropriate and specific questions may be easier to be answered on that thread.

Sue xx



That’s lovely, really really touching. ???

Lovely to hear your story Sue…you really are a champion! May find myself in this position some time in the future as I’m single…never had a problem with body image before…even posed topless on stage! But will feel quite apprehensive.on an intimate more worried about atrophy as was using a estriol before and not allowed to now.don’t want uti’s and problems I was getting before.all power to you! X

Good luck Sue. Hope your skin is fine.that’s further down the line for me. Apprehensive as I have to travel for that and I don’t drive and won’t have anyone to take me.looking at either staying over somewhere or maybe volunteer car service but need to travel in the front as I get very travel sick and can’t bump around in the back of a mini bus :)silly thing to be fretting about I know.thinking if you like you think of us.x

Well this is the first chatime room I have put a message in. Firstly, it is all seeming more real now that my operation is only days away.

I am not entirely single as I have recently been dating someonemail but before my dx I was thinking that we weren’t suited and was thinking about finding someone more suited to me. Then reality kicked in and I am thinking that nobody will accept me with wonky boobs and a scar. I decided that maybe this part-time romance will be what my life should consist of. I know I want to be part of someoneach else’s life and them be part of mine but he is not like that and after being together for 6 months I still feel like his “dirty little secret” that he doesn’t tell anyone about. He is single and has two children aged 10 and 15. He sees his children 6 days a week from 5 until 9 and Saturday overnight. So if we meet it is always after 9 pm!

I don’t know how confident I will feel about meeting someone else after my surgery.

What a wonderful inspirational story. You give me hope. I hope you are now recovered from your treatment and that the twinkle in your eye is now a rock by your side.