Daughter's 20th birthday today!

Good morning ladies
It’s my daughter’s 20th today and I’m so proud of her! She isn’t making me feel bad about not doing much with her as Ive not really been in the right frame of mind and tired after op! She will be going to a Man U football match with her dad(we are divorced) and I will join them for dinner! We had a few friends round last night!
But I still feel so bad even though she doesn’t make me as I’ve always organised nice things to do! It’s worse when she says ‘Mum, it really doesn’t matter as long as you get well again’ We will have plenty time to do things! Even this made me sad although I am proud!
It must be so tough for our children especially when mum and dad aren’t together, but at least she now has a good relationship with her dad (who wasn’t around for years) and we do talk!

Anyway I will keep myself occupied with work for the next few days as have my chemo nurse on Weds!

Have a good day ladies and raise a glass for my daughter and our families who must find it tough at times too.xxx

CK, happy birthday to your daughter, she sounds lovely! I’m sure she is as proud of you as you are of her! I hope you have a great meal out together too. Enjoy your day  



Have a wonderful evening with your daughter tonight, she is right you have plenty of time to do things together, she sounds as proud of you as you are of her.


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Helena xx

It’s very hard because you want things to carry on as normal and be there for your children (even if they are grown up ) ,but it is very hard amongst all of this .My son is 19 and I have had a lot of health issues following on from last cancer diagnosis and I have been leaning on him rather a lot during his time at home during Uni summer holidays rather than fussing over him like I would like to .I am doing my best to give him space and arranged things to cheer him up as best I can but do feel very guilty .?Hope your daughter has a lovely day CK ,sounds like you have both been honest with each other which is great .Jill.




Happy 20th Birthday to your lovely daughter!! It’s so nice that you are able to sit for dinner with your ex…I’m just about able to sit for family weddings/parties … as long as there are a lot of people around.  I wish I could be like you…have a lovely day xxx

Thank you ladies! I feel good to know that she has had a good day at the match with her dad and her team won 4 nil(Man Utd…hmmm)!!! We had a nice meal, just three of us! It is a little awkward sitting with my ex but again I do it for her! Hope lots more celebrations for us all to come.xxx

Thank you Sue! I hope you have a good night’s sleep and recovering well.xx

CK, so glad your daughter has had a lovely birthday. It’s not always easy doing things with our ex’s, but nice for our kids. (saying that I’ve swallowed my pride and staying with my daughter in my ex’s caravan!)

Have you changed your user name? xx

Lol. Jen it took me a minute or 2 to realise this was ck we had all come to know x

Ladies, when joining I pressed the wrong buttons and did it with a name first time round and thought it had deleted so joined again!!! I was still getting over aemastetic,lol!!! Not the Guinness SueW!!!. I can’t seem to delete that one so I will use CK from now on! Hope I didn’t confuse you too much. It’s still me! I seem to be making so many mistakes lately I laugh instead of cry.xxx

Ha ha ck we don’t mind what you use just keep in touch x

I was a bit confused !!! I think you can delete one of the accounts .

Thanks SueW and all
It takes me long enough just to write a topic and make sure no mistakes with this predictive texting too! I think I need to delete the other one on the laptop and not phone but for now just won’t use it!

Anyway hope this week’s appointments for all of us go well with no complications! We all need treatment, so may it be straightforward for all of us!

Chemo nurse for me on Wednesday! Here’s hoping for a kind treatment plan for me!

Looking forward to our conversations.xx

Autocorrect makes me look daft lol and I can do that all by myself xx

Do you find that it auto corrects to the most bizarre things sometimes too !!!

It most certainly does! I meant to write something nice once and the b… word came up and I didn’t the. Luckily it was someone I know:0