Day 1 of Chemo

Hi All

I’m weirdly happy to be starting my neo adjuvant chemo today after all the wait, just a little nervous. 

Hope the side effects are not too bad

Ive been working hard on my mental health over the past few weeks, reiki, hypnosis

I am trying to view this as Day 1 of fighting to kick its ass and get myself better. 

I might say differently by cycle 2 of 8 

Sending love and light to all

Boy, am I impressed by your laid-back approach. I was a quivering wreck until my oncologist prescribed 2 lorazepam. I hope it goes well for you. You may feel side effects as soon as you get home but, if you are given steroids for the first few days, you’ll be full of energy. Then BAM! You may be lucky but just be aware that the side effects can hit at any stage in the cycle and that some of them are cumulative so report everything, even the smallest mouth ulcer! Wishing you all the best x

@ssrih  Ive just done my 6th out of 12 Paciltaxol. Which drug they use for you? If you are on the same boat, I would let you know what I experienced