Day 1 of Tamoxifen

Well girls, I’m on the “home run” now. Finished chemo/rads/surgery.

Day 1 of Tamoxifen. Taken this morning, the Wockhardt brand.
I’m sat by the door of my virtual werewolf cage in case the rages hit me and I think I might go on a rampage :smiley:

After all I’ve read I’m a little concerned but hoping my low levels of hormones will be a blessing as it may not be a drastic change.

He He, you’ll be fine El Kat.
Funnily enough. I have a shocking temper, but since starting tamox, i’ve been fine in that respect. Just having a few teething problems in other ways. I’m sure it’ll settle soon x

Hi El Kat,

I started Tam last week, so only a little ahead of you.

Not noticed anything untoward yet (early days), I’ve been quite short tempered through chemo and still playing duvet on/off game at night. I started Rads last week also. I have noticed that when driving I’ve let far more people out into queueing traffic than I would normally, maybe the Tam is chilling me out somewhat - I think my OH may disagree though.

well, I’ll see what happens :slight_smile: Some comfort in knowing I’m still being treated and also it is utterly fantastic to know I’m not going to constant appts at hospitals and I have some of my life back in that respect.

I feel a bit like a fish out of water though, I want to feel back to normal soon and get a job.