Day 4 of chemo

Morning ladies. I must remember to post here too.
It’s been good to see some good results from yesterday and best wishes to those who get results today.x

I didn’t come on yesterday as the in the middle of the night on day 2 I woke up at 2am and couldn’t sleep because of a lower back pain caused by the GCSF injections. Injections are easy peasy ro do btw if you need them. They are to build up immune system and sort white blood cells! Paracetomol did the trick! Last night was easier!

Then I just napped all day until the dreaded haircut which also made me anxious and towards not sleeping, but I did it and have a lovely wig! It’s just very short but not shaved as Chemo nurse advised that shaving could make my head sore and easier to get infection, so just very very short and let them fall out. I have a conditioned satin nightcap for when it does all fall out. This will help towards regrowth and stops friction and hair sticking to pillow, bit like when a baby gets a bald patch when they sleep!
So came home with my wig on and wasn’t too sad when I took it off! Had a better nights sleep last night!
I didn’t have much of an appetite yesterday so got through the day with croissants and milk and some blueberries! I think the steroids made me feel acidy so the milk kind of alkalied it out! I’m off the anti sickness pils today as had for 2 days but have been given stand-ins. I’ll see how I feel.

But after haircut I perked up again after another nap and just watched some TV to chill. I feel that I can’t cope with people talking loud at the moment and need calm. Had a much better nights sleep!

Temperature taken today which is good, as steroids were giving me rosy cheeks and I kept thinking I had a high temperature but the digital thermometer is accurate so no worries up to now.

One ulcer coming up at the side of my mouth and tongue turning white so out come the sprays and Biotene mouthwash.

Taste buds have finally gone haywire, trying to think of things to eat but when put in front of me I don’t want them. Probably need more time to settle.

Naps are good, keeping me going!!!xxx

Sounds like you are looking after yourself, well done with braving the haircut. I hope that you start to feel stronger again soon. Your regular updates are a great help to us Ladies waiting in the wings but don’t post if you don’t feel up to it x

Dear CK. It looks like you’ve got everything under control. Well done you and thank you for posting. Xxx

Well done CK , you are doing brilliant x




You really are inspirational - to come on here every day and post that level of detail. I’m using your feedback to inform what I’ll be asking my chemo nurse, so huge thanks for that. Not sure how you do it. I’ve not had chance to come on here that much this week, busy with work and feeling really tired. I think the stress of the last month or so is finally catching up. Just want my treatment to start now. Then we can compare mouth ulcers. Ha xx 

Hi Cherry
Yes it all does catch up with you and can be very tired emotionally and mentally. Our minds are constantly thinking about it. It’s only normal! Try to relax and do some breathing exercises. Chi Gung is very good for breathing and clearing the mind.xx