Day three after being diagnosed - a few techniques

I actually feel I have cried less today. So, what have I done?

I have been into the garden and looked at the snowdrops
I have fed the ducks and quacked with them - laughing hysterically as they looked at me madly
I have said ‘good morning’ to everyone I met - some were more happy to stop and talk than others. The older they were, the nicer they were… let that be a lesson to me. Time is a gift.
I have put all the things I don’t wear and don’t like on ebay - I think I should have enough for a weekend break or two, or a really nice bottle of wine
I have spoken to my best friend in Oz and told her I love her dearly
I have had a bag of chips, with loads of salt and vinegar. Normally, I am very health conscious
I have gone into ‘business mode’ and written a whole load of questions and thoughts down ready for my consultation on Monday
I have laughed with my daughter as she danced to David Bowie with her guitar.
I have put my favourite songs and sang like I have never sang before, very, very funny.

I have ignored all the thoughts in my head for a day and allowed myself to float above myself for a while. It’s a wierd kind of drug this BC…

The key is being busy, occupying yourself and not getting ahead of yourself. I have had some fun as I seem to be unable to suffer fools gladly right now. Always very determined, I now know exactly how to treat bureaucrats. I have had a lovely conversation today with the council about my council tax and the fact they mischarged us for a year and now want to recoup it back.


sounds like a lovely day, it’s ture thou it takes something as scary as BC to make you see what a wonderful life we have. it’s so easy to get carried away with the normal things in life.

take care xx

its all such a shock…I was awful for about 5 days and then perked up but still up and down now but thats normal too in the run of things, I think it makes you look at everything differently and you go through such a massive range of emotions…mary x

Thanks Terrier I smiled when I read your post as I could relate to it entirely. Once you get over the initial shock you then realise that you have to get on and get it done don’t you? The world actually seems a nicer place and you are right you don’t suffer fools gladly as you can’t see what they have to complain about.
All I can say is that I celebrate the 1 year aniversary of having my mastectomy this week and feel very well. I know that at some point it may return but am not going to spend all my days worrying about that. Good luck with your treatment and hope it goes as well as mine did. xx

This web site has been so good for me. Hearing all your stories of survival. My shoulder and arm feel a bit dead today, not that my dog cares (sat here looking at me a I type), he wants to chase rabbits. I plan to go on a walk in a mo’ and breathe in the air. I am still dreading Monday, thinking about what they might say to me, thinking the worst. However, as my friend said to me 'Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."


we’ll be sending positive vibes your way Terrier!! mary x