DB DIEP 8 months still tight?

I am 8 months down the line from DIEP and still very much feel as if I have been zipped tightly across hips and chest. It’s not painful just feels very tight especially when swimming and walking! I am still wearing the support m&s Bridget Jones pants as I feel very insecure without them! Also wear them at night and wear a crop top!

Has anyone else experienced this. I also have numbness at the top of my legs, under my arms and across my abdomen!

Due to see surgeon in 4 weeks!

Hi Rosie - sorry to hear this. How distressing.  Have you been able to massage your scar at all?  This helps prevent it from “sticking” to skin layers below.  I still have numbness after 4 months but it is improving so you are right to question why you still have this, although my surgeon says it can take a year to resolve.  I hope your surgeon has some good answers for you! Xx

Hallo Rosie,  I am 4months post immediate DIEP & thankfully all scars are healed.   Like you I was feeling super tight in my abdomen as well as  my armpit  but this has improved over the past couple of weeks. I have had three sessions of “scar therapy” massage which released lots of tension in my tummy and underarm and I found super beneficial. I still have some bulging/sweling around my navel which I keep hoping will disappear eventually. Also my abdomen a bit sore to touch in places and “pulls” a bit when I swim. Seeing PS in three weeks. Esmeralda.