dcis 5 years ago

I have been wheezing and short of breath in the mornings for quite a few months, also I have had a few strange symptoms which the GP put down to late onset asthma and the menopause. At the moment my chest is particularly bad. I am on inhalers, antibioticsand steroids. None of which have helped so far. I can’t do very much without being short of breath and wheezing. I am going for a chest xray on Friday and to be honest i am a little bit worried. I have no reason to be really. I had mastectomy for widespread high grade dcis and as far as I know it does not spread. Anyone else had a similar experience or symptoms?

DEar sue
I’m sorry to hear about your worries and that you haven’t responded to the drugs you’ve been given so far. I don’t have any answers for you but is it possible you have some kind of infection or hay fever? Wishing you all the best

Ruby xxx