DCIS and lymph node involement??

Hi. I’m 2 weeks post surgery for DCIS. I had a right Mx (& reconstruction) and SNB. I was told in recovery that they had found 2 out of 3 positive lymph nodes and so they had taken all the others that they could see. On diagnosis I was told that it was non invasive and the MRI had later confirmed this. That’s why I’m now confused and anxious that it had in fact been found in the lymph nodes. I get my results from surgery on 9th Aug and I guess it’s only then that I’ll know what’s going on. Has anyone else had a DCIS diagnosis and then found to have lymph node involvement? I’m told it’s very rare.

Hi Belle ,may be worth posting this in the DCIS section too.It certainly does sound unusual .Hopefully the surgeon will be able to shed more light on what they think is going on.

Will do. Thanks Jill.


I had DCiS stage 3 .15 lymph nodes removed 8 positive. I also hadTumours on lymph nodes that they couldnt remove also had chemo and radio