DCIS and rads/hormone therapy

My Mam was dx with breast cancer, hormone receptive and grade 1 mid Feb, she had WLE and node sampling and got her path report this week which confirmed grade 1, small tumour (12mm) nodes clear er+ pr+ DCIS. She has not seen the oncolgist as yet but the BCN has advised she will get rads ‘at some point’ and that she will be prescribed tamoxifen.

I was dx in Jan 2008 and with IDC and had WLE/node sampling and rads … with me there had been some spread to surrounding tissues and blood vessels but it had not rached the nodes … as such I had 4 target areas for rads. I am wondering if Mam will require rads to her armpit or will they just zap the breast.

As for hormone treatment - I am surprised that the BCN has said she will be given tamoxifen, my understanding was that tam was prescribed to pre-menopausal ladies and those post-menopause would be given a differnet medication … given that my Mam is 65 she is most certainly post-meno.

Would be most grateful for any input from the wonderful ladies here

I am post-menopause and am taking Tamoxifen. I was originally prescribed with Femara (letrozole) but this caused gyno problems and so I was switched to Tamoxifen as this meant I could be prescribed another drug to sort the gyno problem.

As for the rads - I’m sure they will only do what is necessary.

Good luck for you both!

Hi Alex do you know if it is common to get gyno problems with Arimidex which is also known as Anastrozole i am post- menopausal and have been on this drug for 6 weeks i have had 2 ops for dcis to get a clear margin going for my preparation for rads wed and starting rads 2 weeks later. good luck glad all is well now you are taking tomoxifen. Linda

Hi Lilacblushes it is all so worrying is’nt it. Your mum sounds about the same as me i think its good to get rads as it can help prevent it coming back and great peace of mind i have read on hear some people sale through it just a bit tired and maybe a little itchy and red but i think its worth it none of us have to take what is offered we all have choices. Good luck to you both. Linda

Hi lilacblushes

Here’s the link to the BCC publication about tamoxifen which may help you to understand more about this treatment:


Best wishes

Hi Rockinghorse,

I have no medical qualifications so can only give you anecdotal information. I know a number of women who have suffered severe vaginal dryness and skin problems around the vulva and anus whilst taking these hormone therapies. I was referred to a gynecologist who prescribed a mild steroid cream for the inflammation and an oestrogen cream for the vaginal dryness. My oncologist said this treatment was only suitable with Tamox. I don’t know why!

I tried to download the PDF on Tamox without success. I have Acrobat 9 so should be able to read it.


Thank you Alex.

thanks for the comments … we will ahve to wait and see what rads and meds Mam gets