dcis back same place

well dcis came back after 4 years, same place Hugh grade cells on biopsy. Friday having mx with implant. had radiotherapy 4 years ago following a lumpectomy and a 2nd margin clearance. feeling worried this time. scared they will find more going on when full results back. scared it may be invasive. scared it may be in lymph nodes. scared reconstruction may not take as I had radiotherapy… please anyone going through the same at the moment for some mutual support.

Hi there, so sorry this has happened, I’m not much help as I didn’t have a mastectomy just lumpectomy and radiotherapy like you.  In order to diagnose your current DCIS they must have tested the tissue so would know by now if it had spread anywhere else or was invasive? or have I got that wrong?  Please try not to worry too much about things that haven’t or may never happen, its enough to think about just getting through your surgery. Try and take everyday as it comes or think about a positive to counter a negative such as if the implant doesn’t take I’m in no worse postition if I had just had the mastectomy alone… I know its a bad analagy but I hope you get my dift! I really do feel for you, I’ve just had a second biopsy as when I went for my 1 year check up the nurse found a lump, luckily it was only scar tissue so I do know how anxious you are feelng, its a feeling that will probably never go away for any of us we just have to deal with it as best we can, I’m sure there will be other ladies along soon who have been in your postition but please feel free to message me if you need any support. xx