DCIS-double mastectomy with immediate recon

Hi - I am new to this forum - been diagnosed with breast cancer in right Breast low grade 15mm tumour herceptin negative hormone receptive also DCIS in right breast 3cm long but papillary in nature do maybe hard to have assessed full extent on X Ray . I am struggling to make a decision between lumpectomy on right & wide local excision on left with follow up licap or just have a double mastectomy with silicone reconstruction at the same time to reduce the risk in both moving forward . I have never had surgery & wanted some advice from those having had double mastectomy on recovery any regrets etc . My surgeons are keen to do preservation surgery but I am scared of the cancer returning . Any help & experiences would be gratefully received thanks X

Hi Lindy


I am sure that others will be along soon to offer some support but I thought I would comment as I think we may be able to help. I know from my experience of speaking to people over the phone that making decisions like this can be really difficult.


I work with volunteers that have all had different experiences and made different choices. If you would find it helpful we could arrange for you to speak with a couple of people, perhaps someone that has had a lumpectomy and another person that had a double mastectomy. I know people that have had a licap reconstruction so we could also put you in touch with someone that has had this too. 


Again, sure others will be along soon but I wanted you to know we are here. If you do think we can help our email address is someonelikeme@breastcancercare.org.uk or you could call us on 0114 263 6490.