DCIS Incidence

Can’ t help thinking that the introduction of the Pill in the 60s might have some bearing on the increased incidence of breast cancer. It has always been said that there is an increased risk for Pill users, though when I went on it in my early 20s, it wasn’t emphasised as much as it is now. I was on it for about 17 years on and off, and I can’t help feeling that might have contributed to my bc.

The Pill I agree, Gandalf. I was on the pill for 10 years in the 70s/80s and then sporadically for menstrual problems. Risk of breast cancer was glossed over. Instead the focus was on risk of blood clots & strokes and reduction in risk of ovarian cancer.

In view of the fact that the pill is now always listed as a risk factor for breast cancer, I find it baffling that GPs and family planning clinics still prescribe it so readily for girls and young women.

It seems to smack of the nanny state deciding that unwanted pregancies are a worse problem for society than possible increased incidence of breast cancer without setting out the known facts for the girls and women and letting them decide for themselves. Of course most of them will think breast cancer will never happen to them, but at least they should be encouraged to think about the risks and benefits before making a decision and I don’t get the impression that they are encouraged to do so.

Pill One day I may have to help my daughter make an informed decision about contraception…what to advise, knowing what we now know about the pill?

Can’t help thinking male drs would have it sorted out if they have the problems we face!!

Or am I just cynical?

Contraceptive advice When my daughter went off to uni. we had a chat about this, and I told her she would have to weigh up the pros and cons, especially in the light of my diagnosis. I don’t think it’s arisen yet (but then what would I know?), but I trust her to make a sensible choice.

Male Doctors I agree. Also thinking about the recent publicity about male radiologists messing up mammogram readings. I wonder if they’d take more care in their diagnostic work if they had breasts.