DCIS - mascetomy due with reconstruction

I am due to have a mascetomy on 14 March. waiting to receive letter. I also having a reconstruction with implant. Not my first choice but it was the only option open to me because the plastic surgeon couldn’t get enough tissue from elsewhere. apparently I am too thin!!


The DCIS was picked up through the age related mammogram. It was a bit of a shock at the time especially being advised a mascetomy was necessary. Waiting to get it over and done with is the worse part of this.

I don’t feel ill but having non evasive cance techinally mean that you are especially if it could end up killing you if you do nothing about it


So far the support I had has been great

Hi Gingernut 1 

Sorry you are on here but welcome . Iv read your thread but Im a bit confused with the last part " i dont feel ill … What grade of DCIS have you been diagnosed with if you dont mind me asking . 

And yes youre right about the waiting …it gets to us all xx

Hiya. Good luck with your surgery gingernut. At least you dont have to wait around or pussyfoot around like I did. I had 4 operations, including the Masectomy which I wish I had in the first place. I had my operation on 31st January and now feel great following a DIEP RECONSTRUCTION. You said you were too slim for DIEP.Have you also looked at using your buttock. I’ve heard they have also been very successful for slim people. I never felt any pain or illl with the DCIS, but i did feel stressed until it was out of me. The relief. Good luck with treatment.

Hi, i hope you are getting along well  you sound positive, which is half the battle

I am in similar situation, although a month behind you. I am going in on 20th for a mx and implant reconstruction. A bit of a shock as came back from holiday to 2 missed recall appointments following a routine mamogram. It is strange that you are feeling fine, told you are in perfect health ie bmi, blood pressure etc etc, but are about to go through such an evasive op to remain healthy. I am just so thankful for the NHS mamogram programme and wonderful treatment to date. Trying to remain positive, but had so little sleep since diagnosis I am shattered… I too am eating my body weight in chocolate and have joked that they will be confused when i go in on Thursday that I have gained so much weight since my pre-op!! Just want to get over this ‘blip’ as I call in and move on…


Hi Cookiefairy,welcome to the forum.Sorry you haven’t had a response before your op.Hope you are not feeling too sore and are being well looked after.You can get lots of advice and support in the going through treatment sections of the site .Jill.

Glad you are on the other side and that you are being well looked after.Fingers crossed for your results . Jill