DCIS Options

Hi Ladies, I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences with me. I was diagnosed with DCIS yesterday and I have been given 3 options for surgery, lumpectomy, mammaplasty and mastectomy. I am dead against the lumpectomy. I am just stuck between the other two.  I have 28mm area in my right breast that is 8cm back from my nipple. My bra size is 40G. My concern is the DCIS being deep in my Breast and returning.  

My Mom died from Ovarian Cancer in 2014, her sister My Aunt had Breast Cancer and a Brain Tumour and passed a couple of months later.  My initial thoughts are a double mastectomy.  As I would rather face this head on now rather than have loads of procedures and operations in the future. I know there are no certainties. 

Your experiences will help me make an informed decision.


Hiya, I lost my mum to breast cancer in 2003 and when I was diagnosed last year my first reaction was just get rid of them both! I did just have a lumpectomy though as mine was a small 4mm tumour and a rare Tubular type with no connection to my mums but if I’m unfortunate enough to ever have a recurrence without a doubt I will have a double mastectomy. Having lost 2 immediate female relatives have they suggested any genetic testing? They wouldn’t do me as it was only my mum and I needed a stronger family history , the surgery decision  has to be the one you feel most at ease with, I’m sorry I can’t be any more help! XX Jo 

Hi Steph

Thank you so much for replying. It is certainly a minefield trying to evualate what to do for the best. I think i just want it out and off. Reading your experiences is making me more determined to have the mastectomy. Although some what scary!

Take care of you and I am sorry for your losses xx

Hi, I had a mastectomy in June after being diagnosed with pre-invasive intermediate dcis. I had 2 wle’s which were unsuccessful so went on to have a mastectomy. If I’m ever in the same situation with my ‘good’ boob, I will opt for mastectomy with no messing! I had immediate implant reconstruction but unfortunately 5 weeks after the mastectomy I developed an infection around the implant and had to have an implant exchange in july. Since then touch wood all has been fine!

Good luck with what you decide on, I’m sure you’ll make the right decision for you xxxx

Thank you for sharing your experience with me, the more I talk to different friends and friends on here, I am more determined now to have a mastectomy.

Hope you continue to do well. Take care xxx