DCIS surgery not carried out

I was diagnosed low grade 5 mm dcis on 27/2 and told wire guided WLE recommended treatment. Diagnosed through screening service and transferred to local hospital.

Surgery was due to take place on 28/3 but when they came to put the wire guide in the radiologist told me that the titanium marker had moved and they could no t see any residual calcs so op was cancelled. She did complain about the screening service not taking clear post biopsy mammograms.

My case went back to MDT who have decided to transfer my case back to screening hospital. I am now in limbo and have no idea where this leaves me. Was told my case is low risk and I probably wouldn’t have needed it anyway. Aghhh! No sympathy at all and it was like they couldn’t wait to get rid of me. Has anyone else had any similar experience and thoughts on what happens now? Thank you

Hi Ingy

I didn’t have my operation cancelled, but did have a bit of a drama over the pellet. It was put in during a vacuum assisted core biopsy, and checked by mammogram after, but on the morning of the operation the radiographer couldn’t find it on ultrasound. The mammogram machine wasnt calibrated so there was a very long delay, by which time my operation was rescheduled and then cancelled. Luckily my surgeon insisted it had to be done so eventually it happened about 7 hours later than planned. Not as bad as you having the operation completely cancelled though.


I can imagine you feel really left in limbo, it’s hard to be told you have breast cancer and now to be wondering if you do or not. The good thing about DCIS is the prognosis is excellent, and even more so if it is small and low grade. I know there is a trial running where they’re not operating on some DCIS but simply watching and monitoring, because some will not become invasive.


I hope you get some proper answers soon about what happens next, maybe they will do another mammogram and if that is clear just monitor things. I also had one hospital for the screening and radiotherapy, and another for surgery, and got passed between them, it isn’t a system that seems to work very well if things aren’t straightforward.


Someone on another thread recommended a book, by John Boyages called DCIS, Taking Control. I found it was really useful and hugely reassuring. He’s an Australian professor, it was the only book only about DCIS that I’ve seen.


Good luck, I hope you get some answers soon, let us know how you get on. Sending you a hug, this is difficult enough without wandering clips!


Thank you so much for your reply. I feel like I’ve been treated as a bit of an inconvenience. My Breast care nurse said do let me know what is decided I’m intrigued! Not sure that was the sort of response I was after. The surgeon said maybe they’ll have better magnification or do an mri or monitor at the screening centre.

Wish he had persevered like your surgeon did as it would all be over now. I will certainly let you know what happens x

Hi all I said I would update on the situation. Have now seen consultant at the hospital that originally gave the diagnosis.

They told me that the clip has only moved slightly and they can see calcifications near the clip so are happy to proceed with surgery which will take place in 3 weeks

Do not really understand why my local hospital had problems but I am grateful that this looking like it has been resolved


I’m glad you know what’s happening now, it’s bad enough going through biopsies and diagnosis without being left in limbo at the operating theatre door almost.

Good luck with the surgery and hope you have a speedy recovery.


? thank you