called back from a mammagram in may-core biopsy=dcis diagnosed high grade=wle surgery july 5th-3 weeks rads ended sept 6th(no probs )-took time off work as was very very tired at times-lathered my skin with cream all the time-have read every possible publication-asked a million questions-cried-despaired-phoned the helpline-been strong-been flippin positive-blamed myself-gave up wine-drank gallons of wine-had sleepness nights-accepted fab therapies for free from wonderful volunteers-imagined a thousand scenarios-picked my funeral hymns-BEEN DISCHARGED TODAY FROM THE ONCOLOGIST-just yearly mammagrams from now on-THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE ON HERE-even if i haven’t posted i have gotten great comfort from reading on here-hope this helps someone -cheers -stella x

hi ethyldsyl, have just embarked on the dark road today with mx booked for 8th november. your news is hugely cheering, i wish you well x

oh herbidicious-i wish you well too-very best wishes for your recovery-stella x

Oh Stella, your post has made me tearful - but it’s a nice type of tears, cos I’m really glad for you, so a big hug and congratulations to you!

Also, your post touched a chord with me cos ten years ago that was me. I’ve had another sort of breast cancer since then, but again I was lucky cos it was only early stage and easily treated.

And now today, I’ve had good results from a biopsy - there’s no signs of anything cancerous, so I can really relate to how relieved you’re feeling today.

And Herbi - hello again, I seem to be following your posts on different threads. I’m not stalking you honest - lol!!

Much love,
Shelley xxx

hey shelley-so pleased for you too-feel raring to go now-xx

Hello E.

I am so really, really pleased for you. I love a happy ending! You are encouragement to us all. The world is yours, grab it with both hands!