DCIS unknown stage

I am 28 and was diagnosed with dcis 2 days after Christmas. I am 28 yrs old and have been being screened since i was 24. I went for my annual mri, second one ever due to reccomendation from rad because of less radiation. Had an ultrasound guided bx three days before Christmas. My mom died at 37 from bilateral breast cancer that metastised she fought hard for two yrs before she lost her battle. Her mother also had right side breast cancer but after chemo and radiation is in remission. I do not know what stage i am but i meet with an oncologist on Thursday followed my plastic surgeon in a week. I have chosen bilateral mastectomies with immediate reconstruction with hopes of not having to go thru any type of chemo or radiation. My question is how long are u down after surgery with pain and the drains?

So sorry to hear your news, what a Christmas you must have had! I guess the only good side is that the monitoring has been effective and you’re at such an early stage with everything on your side.
I’m almost week six after a unilateral mx and DIEP recon, was diagnosed unexpectedly out of the blue, in august. Mine was high nuclear grade dcis confirmed in two areas after the mx, only one was biopsied beforehand.

I’ve been lucky in that my tummy wound healed right away, and so did my navel. My stitches-they were in navel only- were takencout after nine days and all the dressings removed. That felt a bit insecure!! I’ve worn spanx type support garments from comg home after the seven days in hospital and I think that’s helped my tummy cto flatten out and avoid serums. It was really hard getting into the pull up spanx and if I’d had both sides done I don’t think I could have done it. I wish I had ordered a proper post surgery compression garment beforehand as they have hooks and eyes so much easier to get on and off…actually I ordered one yesterday as my PS told me to keep on with support for two months more. I didn’t t realise that my tummy would be so weak afterwards, but I learned recently that the muscle isn’t cut, but it has a surrounding sheath that is cut to get to the blood supply. Basically I’m now rebuilding my core strength with progressive exercises from the physio.

Practically, I’m doing more and more…I danced on new years eve after cooking dinner for six, I started driving after five weeks, and I hoovered one room today…physio said it’s normally ok after eight weeks but to try one room and see if I’m ok tomorrow. Ive been loading and unloading wshing machine since week three, but to start with I couldn’t even carry a two litre milk across the kitchen but you make quick progress! As you’re much Younger than me I’m sure you will be fine. just take it easy and have things arranged beforehqnd so you have lots of recovery time.

The only problems I’ve had have been bad back pain for week three, and some infection and seroma in my recon boob. That affected my movement a bit and made things uncomfortable but it’s sorting itself out after antibiotics. My tum is really smooth looking and flat with a neat navel, though there’s obviously still fluid under the skin as I’m currently bigger than I was before, lost an inch in the last week tho. And my boob has no scars, just has a skin patch on the front a bit bigger than my aerola was. I’m hoping this will be reduced when the nipple recon is done in the spring.

My Fingers are crossed for your next appointment…the op is doable, the result is pretty good and all being well, as you say, that will be the end of the worry you’ve had for so long. Feel free to pm me if I can be of any more help,

Big hugs,



I’m 28 as well and had a mastectomy on my right boob last Thursday.
I had a LD flap recon.

Its taken a week to feel ok after the anesthetic, I’ve been sleeping a lot and feeling a bit sick up until today, but I’m moving about ok - but carefully, and am actually quite surprised at how mobile I am, I imagined much worse. I have one drain in which is a bit annoying but not too bad, and I think that it will be taken out next week.

So sorry to hear what you are going through - if you want to email me about anything please feel free.

All the best
E x