DCIS - what are grades ??

Hi, I’ve been reading various posts on DCIS and the different treatments involved. My question is about the ‘grade’. I have read people mentioning low, medium, high grade and grade 2, 3, etc and am really confused. I asked my BCN last week to go through my pathology report with me, as I havn’t seen this and didn’t know they existed before reading posts about them on here. I asked her what grade or stage mine was and was told that DCIS isn’t graded or staged as it is non-invasive, so now I am totally confused! Also, I was really surprised to find out that my DCIS was only 9mm - so why was I advised to have a mastectomy? She then went on to say this was probably due to there being other calcification in my breast?? I chose to have bilateral mastectomies because the lump I had found (which got me sent to the breast clinic in the first place) was in my non-DCIS breast, but I was still concerned about it. I found out that that was just fibrous tissue and would not have turned to DCIS, or invasive cancer?? I’m now wondering why I have had such radical treatment, when it sounds like a WLE and rads would have been suffice after all??

Hi sammidiz

Whilst you are waiting for the other forum users to reply with their knowledge and experience you may find it useful to read the fact sheet on DCIS produced by BCC as it contains information on what DCIS is, how it is diagnosed and how it is treated. If you would like to read this online or order a copy just follow this link:-


I hope this is helpful.

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Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Thank you Sam, that leaflet was very informative.

It does describe DCIS as being either low, intermediate or high grade, so I don’t know why my BCN told me otherwise. Also, it mentions that there is a type of DCIS which is oestrogen receptive, again, she told me otherwise.

Maybe she thinks I should just be grateful that it was non-invasive and has gone, which, of course I am, but I would also like to know exactly what it was that I had.

I think maybe I will ask my surgeon to explain it to me when I see him again next week.

Thanks again
Samm x

I just wanted to update on this in case anyone was reading it.
My mum came along with me to my latest appointment with my consultant and asked him if I could have a copy of my pathology report, so that I could fully understand my diagnosis. He is going to write me a report and also explained to me what I had previously asked by BCN - Mine WAS a high grade DCIS in L breast and something in the R breast which had a high chance of developing into DCIS or invasive BC.

It seems crazy but I just really felt like I needed to know exactly what I had, because I had all these unanswered questions floating about in my head. Now that I do know, I feel I can move forward and concentrate more on the reconstruction that I’m currently having.

Samm - thanks for the update and I am so glad that you now know exactly what had happened and feel better about things… I hope the reconstruction goes well x

Theresa x

Thanks Theresa x