dcis with mi....

After my first routine mammogram and biopsy i have been diagnosed. However i sat looking at the doc and clearly remember his lips moving a card with pics being shown to me but the words he was saying seemed to be going straight over my head.All i can remember is the opening wirds of i am sorry. I was so sure the biopsy would be negative as i have no symptoms. I have been told i need a nastectomy and have an appointment monday.
All that i have thought this weekend is that they will open me up find the cancer elsewhere and i am full of tumors. I just feel numb… am i crazy… i have not cried and want to slap the next person who mentions Angelina Jolie or gives me the Iam sorry with the there there look. I don’t need sympathy, I need to understand.At the moment i feel like I have a death scentance over me. Is this a normal reaction or am I actung like a sulking vhild.Sorry to rant but feel better for letting this out

Oh dear i have just read the post the quality is awful… i need to not use my phone to post x

Hiya Kat, Sorry you have had to join us but we all try and support each other and I hope you will find the forum of some help too, the way you have described feeling is so normal in these circumstances, especially the bit about wanting to thump every well meaning person that tells you to be strong etc!!  The thought that it will be every where is one we all have , the slightest twinge anywhere and we are convinced it has to be cancer! Am I right in thinking that you have been diagnosed with DCIS ? Xx Jo 

Hi Kat, reading your post took me back to the way I felt after my diagnosis 16months ago. The shock is overwhelming and hard to accept yet at the same time convinced it would have spread to lots of other places. I also got fed up having Angelina used as a shining example…not to undermine her situation but if I’m correct she didn’t have cancer, her mastectomy was preventative surgery.
As you get more information and a plan with dates etc. You will hopefully feel more confident that whilst not what you want, the treatment will get you through this and out the other end.
I had a mastectomy, the sentinel nodes out and reconstruction and for me none of it was anywhere near as bad as I had expected. Thanks to fantastic pain relief I had slight discomfort but no pain. I’ve just had my nipple reconstructed and await tattooing. Though my breast isn’t the same it looks amazing considering everything, best of all I am cancer free.
No matter what lies ahead, voice your fears to your doctors, cut short conversations with people that aren’t actually being helpful, remember this is treatable and you will find the strength to get through it.
Wishing you well and always happy to answer any questions xx

Hi Kat,
Hope you got all of your questions answered this morning and you feel more informed and empowered xx

3 pages of questions with the breast care nurse Ifeel fantastic. No mention of mi pre op. Understand that the dcis is spread over area of 65mm so no way the beast can be saved. The nodes are being sampled purely because its standard practice with mx at my hospital. Ithink it has been shock as its only been 24 days from the initial mamogram to biopsy to op.
I just wish there was not the contraversy in the news at the moment in regards to treatment overkill.In 5 years time its too late for me to save the breast but how can you live with a ticking time bomb in you.
Support here is fantastic… you lovelies are getting me through this x

Yup, and me… how can this non invasive, caught early, itty bitty DCIS go from little calcified spots on a routine screening to an MX in a few weeks. I’ve gone for a second opinion and this surgeon is willing to give me an MRI to see if the margins can be shown, but … so anyone had an  MRI to search for DCIS margin?

I’m not holding any hopes that the MRI will be helpful, but maybe I’m being pessimistic. 

Hello. I am sitting at home after second biopsy and feeling very shaky. The first showed precancerous but the only person that told me the proper name was the radiologist today. DCIS. I am seeing a surgeon next week and all I can think of is my childhood fear of a mastectomy …I  don’t know how I got from squishing, to recall to biopsy, second biopsy in three weeks…you all sound so positive and brave but tell me is an ‘my’ always the only option? Thanks for being there in the ether

Hi Kat - so glad to read your story, I’m in week 3 from the exact surgery with a DIEP, it’s tough but everyday 100% improvement and got my pathology result today was 9cm high grade in areas and other activity - whatever that meant! But thankfully No invasion but they still recommending tamoxifen - I wondered what you’re experience was - if you do t mind me asking?

I can see the temptation with that! I think because they are suggesting tamoxifen and I’m not keen until they persuade me otherwise - I’m also going to start an oestrogen reduction diet. I’m looking forward to being 5 months post surgery so I can have start my nipple reconstruction!