Dew Drop Inn promotions proudly present WE THINK THEY HAVE TALENT

We all have favourite people - whether because of their looks, writing, acting or singing ability, bravery and so on. This is your opportunity to nominate that person for a virtual DIDI – a highly prized non-existent award.

In the next week please nominate your favourite, the category you nominate them for and why you think they have talent.

Nominations close on 4 June and judging will be completed and announced by 6 or 7 June.

Your host for this event is the international star EmilyJane.

The judging panel: Leeloo, rjenr2 and jensbloke.

Professional hecklers: Westsidesue and Cathy59

whoa babes…DDI Talent Contest - Virtual even
we just have it all, don’t we?

If you need a special introduction or would just like one
, just PM me before posting your entry into the contest


I may look like an angel but be warned I have an awful bite, brown envelopes at the door please, oh yeah that’s right nope sorry can’t accept them.

unused tenners are fine by me!!

Do we already have categories, or can we invent them as we go along?

I can think of two people I would love to nominate…for different reasons of course!

Lets have the catergories…

Need to go and feed my face cos I’ve just spent two hours sorting out our home office!!..jezz…how much mess can one man make???
As for filing stuff PROPERLY…his day job office is just as bad!!!.. actually so is his van!!!

But…in his defence I have to say he is GREAT when it comes to vaccuming and cleaning the bathroom…
must go and polish his halo!! hee hee

Sue xxx

I would just like to say I will accept bribes in any form - Tenners, used or unused, any currency, any denominations at the prevailing rate of exchange.
And in the event of a tie - I will of course - be scrupulously fair.


categories, as in…

fave movie stars (international of course)
fave authors
fave songs or singers/groups
our very own special talents…just describe it


we wouldn’t want to limit it to just those few…as you think of more, just post them


yep it’s open category season… so if you want to nominate a philosopher or a driving instructor… or a nurse or doctor do… do

Ducky darling - i was a bit disappointed when the GREAT led into cleaning - tho Gareth aka jensbloke, who is mine in real life can take note!! yes ok i know u clean my oven every time u are here… think how sparkly it will be when we move in together!

ooh i haven’t finished work yert… i’d best be quiet.

hey we can have best OH… best shop person (not the bra fitter in M and s who hugged me please!!)

Oh my goodness. How gullable can you be. Read about this on another thread and asked my grandson age 11 when was there another talent show called DDI starting on tv?


oh Jen - send him to me for a few days please - my oven could do with a good scrub.

DDI Talent can very well go on TV
another reality show

…shall the go to fund ERADICATING breast cancer…

i am so laughing Margaret - i love it!!! see the virtual tips over into reality!!

i think you can nominate a best grandson!!

with no further ado
let me introduce the DDI WE THINK THEY HAVE TALENT

one and all
tell us about your favorite stars, authors, people, OH/SO
we are not limiting the categories…

so bring us your talent
and the VERY talented crew of judges
Leeloo, Rjenr2 and Jensbloke will be assessing your postings

remember this is a virtual talent show…anything goes (well within reason and class…)
so if you happen to hear Cathy59 or Westsidesue cackling in the background
just know that they are equal-opportunity hecklers

we await your talents…

Your DDI Host


In the request for bribes was it tennas or tenners? :slight_smile: if it’s the first one, i’ll send them on later lol… no doubt they’ll be needed by the end of this talent contest :slight_smile:

Ok, here goes, this talent is mainly a talent men/boys find amusing…
I nominate my OH for the “talent” of the loudest breaker of wind in the Northern hemisphere. :slight_smile:

Jean xx

NICE we are off to a rip roaring start, :wink:

>>>>points to chest>>>>>nominates self as loudest breaker of wind in northern hemisphere.

Equal opportunity hecklers? I’ll take every darn opportunity I get!!! Good job I was seconded to the heckling duty otherwise I’d have had to do it for nothing. My fee is extortionate by the way…all proceeds to…me

bumping it up as we have no entrants for some reason…