Dealing with delays and changes to care plans

I am in bits because there seems to be endles changes to what the hospital palns for me.

In the past two weeks it has gone from immediate reconstruction using prosthesis,  to reconstruction using belly fat, then to reconstruction using inflatable prosthetic and then I was told today they wanted to do a delayed reconsruction.

Furthermore, I was told that delayed reocnstruction would take me off the breast care path and put me at the back of the queue.

I am not sure I can live with only one breast.

There are complicating factors becuase I have had bad experience with anasthesia, so they moved operation to a different hosptital- but I found out today that the woman who I thought was doing the (now cancelled) reconstruction will not even be in the hospital that day.

Plus I was sent to smoking cessation and was given Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) but was told today that NRT “was even worse than smoking because you get more nicotine in the bloodstream” and I need to be nictoine free for at least three months before they will condsider recpnstructive surgery. I wouldn’t mind so much if I hadn’t specifically asked smoking cessation for Champix and was told NRT would be better!

In short., I am feeling very messed about.and rapidly losing trust in my breast care team


Thats really stressful, I am so sorry, I am getting used to living with one breast after deciding not to have extra surgery, but you need to be able to choose for yourself. All that uncertainty is the worst you feel so out of control. Good luck, thinking of you.