Death Predictor

Has anyone come across this vile application on Facebook? It is - I assume - a stupid app. that predicts when and how you will die. I was very upset to see that someone had copied my friend in on a posting this morning that predicted her death by breast cancer.

I know it’s a mindless application to which I, nor my friends, would ever subscribe but it’s left me feeling rather upset. I’ve got a stinking cold today and I’m sick of having cancer. It’s not a good day today.

Thanks for listening!

I haven’t seen it but that is awful. I hope some one reports it and has it removed. They are thoughtless idiots, please don’t take any notice and I hope your cold clears up soon.

Oh my goodness, this is just horrid!!! If you are healthy or not so healthy i cant understand why it would be the least bit ‘entertaining’. No wonder you were upset by it. Hope u r ok now!!


Sadie Xx Xx

Unbelievable how can anyone think that an app like that is ethical, totally digesting, not surprised you were upset I would of been as well, some people are ultra insensitive, I find the whole thing extremely offensive and like susy has said I hope someone has reported it. Sending you lots of hugs and hope you feel better soon.
Love and light
sarahlouise xx

thats just damn awful. It should be reported, also let the breast cancer charities know - I’m sure some harsh words from as many people as possible would make someone stand up and take notice and get rid of it.