Debating Radiotherapy for rare DCIS at 23

Hi there,

I’m here, I’m afraid, because I need opinions in a hurry and talking to people that aren’t going through it isn’t seem to be helping my decision.

Basically, I am 23. Last year I found a lump, I thought it was a fibreadenoma is my doctor had previously mentioned I’m prone to them, benign masses of tissue that appear in the breast. They did a surgery to get rid because the size was quite drastic. January 2nd results came back, and they said that they found a very rare presentation of high grade DCIS, encased in a tumour that should have been benign as it could be. This is a case that has only been documented 7 times since forever and the youngest person to deal with it before me was 43.
The lump was already out, so they did another surgery to take away some tissue in the surrounding area, that came back clear. Then the mammograms and the MRIs started, and came back with 2 tiny lumps that they performed biopsies on. They came back as clear too, but they did another surgery to take one sizable one out - which they did and that came back clear too…

Now they’ve given me a break from putting me through the ringer, they are suggesting radiotherapy because it was high grade and because I’m so young - it’s got a lot of time ahead to do its own thing. But, I just don’t know if I should? I’m having trouble getting my head around the fact that the RT will stop cancer appearing in these lumps that apparently I’m prone to? Is it necessary to dose myself with radiation when if my cancer was encased and had clear margins - there’s nothing bad there for it to kill? I’m having yearly MRIs until I am 50.

So do I have the radiotherapy and have yearly MRIs?
or do I not have the radiotherapy and have yearly MRIs?

I am aware that this is a very ‘what if’ situation and anyone facing any sort of cancer and a life after cancer knows it’s full of ‘what ifs’ that you can’t do anything about. I’m not looking for anyone to make my mind up for me - but I am surrounded by mixed opinions and am just awful at making decisions - what would you do?

Please help, my head hurts from all of this pondering.


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