decided to quit chemotherapy. am i mad?

Hi all. Had 3/6 treatments of adjacent chemotherapy. Last one made me so ill really feel I can’t continue as iam also struggling to work.full time through it as dont get sick pay had to have a few days off sick which now im struggling financially. Please as anyone got any advice and of I do quit does this mean the cancer will return iam having adjacent fec following a lumpectomy for a grade two breast lump

Hi badjaffa

Firstly have a (((((((((hug))))))))) sounds like you need one.

Now for the serious part. Firstly with all the drugs on the market there is know reason for you to suffer! You didn’t say in what way you were ill, but IF it was sickness they can give you more drugs! Talk to your Oncologist or Chemo nurse, they are there to help. I have heard of people having their Chemo dose lowered to help with side effects, which would be better than giving up!!

I’m about to have dose number 4, up to now I have been VERY lucky with few side effects. But it’s a
different drug for me this time, so who knows what lies ahead. But whatever happens I know I need to do this to give myself the best chance!

I have reduced down to a 4 day week. Which has helped me. Could reducing your days be an option. I to don’t get sick pay, but I can cope financially on one day less wages. It’s not like I am out partying every night while having Chemo.

Also maybe check out if there is any financial help available. Look at all your options BEFORE you make a decision that COULD affect the rest of your life! Could you really live with the 'what if’s. You deserve to give yourself the best chance. I know it’s tough, but you’re half way there.

Have you joined one of the monthly threads? I’m in the November thread. We are all 3/4 doses in and we really help each other! If nothing else, it helps you feel less alone.

Take care

Sal xxx

Hi Sal. Its not so.much the sickness but the tiredness think iam slept for four days the week before Christmas was totally exhausted and spaced out, just can’t face feeling like that again.

Hi badjaffa,

You might also find it helpful to talk things over with one of our helpliners.  They can offer practical information as well as emotional support.  The opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000

Very best wishes


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I work as a nurse in a elderly care centre doing 4 12 hour long days, unfortunately the option of doing half shifts isn’t an option as my colleague as just left meaning iam the only permanent nurse on the unit. So there long days pretty much constantly on your feet. Unfortunately my manager isn’t very compassionate
iam due to have chemo this Wednesday and she has put me on long days Friday Saturday and Sunday, knowing full well iam due to have chemo Wednesday. X

Hi badjaffa please do talk to your breast care nurse she is there for you. Has she told you about McMilan financial advisors who help you claim for what your entitled to? Also they have small grants for people finding it hard. Also are you in a union as they also offer financial support. There are always solutions to problems Hun you just need to speak to the right people and help is there for you. As for work you really do need to speak to your manager as say what is reasonable and realistic for you to do. Please put yourself at the top of the list of priorities as you are very important and decisions you make now will have a big impact on the rest of your life! Work should not be dominating you Hun it’s not that inportant YOU are!!hope you find your answers and the help with financial worries best wishes Tracy xxx


I’m sorry to hear the chemo made you so ill.  I have just had an appointment with my Oncologist and I will be starting chemo shortly.  I don’t want it.  I had a grade three triple neg tumour taken out which had spread to one lymph node. They are certain they have removed the Cancer .  I don’t see why I can’t just have the radiotherapy.  Wonder if anyone here had said not to chemo?  There is a chance your Cancer will return whether or not you have chemo - this is listed as a serious side effect on the consent form.  I felt like I’d sold my soul to the devil when I signed that form yesterday. If you have already had three treatements, they will change the drugs for the next three, these may not make you feel so ill.  By the way its adjuvant not adjacent.

Good luck

Hi badjaffa,


Sorry to hear that you have such unsympathetic employers. 


I can’t comment on chemotherapy, but I do know that you are covered by the Disability Discrimination Act

and are able to ask for adjustments to be made if possible:


You might want to point this fact out to your employers.