Deciding a double mastectomy after becoming cancer free due to brca gene 2

Hi I was diagnosed with DCIS in my left breast last year. I was 47 when I found out. Here I am now cancer free but what I thought was an easy prognosis turn out to be a lot more. First diagnosis knowing it was earlier catch I decide to do lumpectomy even after finding out I had BRCA gene 2. For me at the time I thought was the safest I have had many other surgeries in my life some major some minor however but always had trouble waking up and one they lost me twice. So doing a long surgery honestly scared me thought I would have better chance fighting and dealing with everything over a lifetime. But it was not so easy two breast surgeries 33 radiation treatments and hormone blockers that make me sick and hurt all the time. Now that I am cancer free for now I feel like I live my life in fear every three months with the hematology every three months with dermatologist to deal with my skin cancer I had the same time as my breast cancer mamograms and MRI one or other every 6 months always worried it has came back and worse. I am making my next step to see a plastic surgeon about double mastectomy and reconstruction on July 5 still scared lots of decisions . I am also a diabetic so health issues but if anybody can tell me their thoughts and experiences it would help me knowing as much as I can to make the best decisions taking everything in account thanks for any advice

Hi Lf, it may be worth posting your query in the surgery(going through treatment section) too.Hope you get some answers that reassure you /help you make an informed decision when you meet with the surgeon .

Hiya lfmyers 

Good to meet you but in the place none of us wants to be… sounds like you are having a trying run of health problems and now more decisions.

I’ve just had a MX and DIEP recon  after a diagnosis for DCIS, after 2 WLEs so quite different to you. I havered for ages about having a recon, really didn’t want a long anaesthetic and long recovery. I was certain that I would have just the MX. But I had not had problems with anaesthetic  before.


All the medics I saw, and I did have a second opinion, recommended the recon. So again after even more thought, reading forum posts, talking to friends, I decided to have the recon. The first 48 hours were hard… constant monitoring, being kept warm so blood vessels were kept dilated, but no pain, bit of tenderness and discomfort but I was out of hospital 5 days post op and have been home a week and I’m glad I had the reconstruction. 


I’m not BRCA +ve, but had a lot to do with the Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline who support BRCA women and their families, Wendy Watson organises this website an she may be worth getting in touch with.

I think being BRCA +ve make a big difference to decision making.

Hope this helps and that you can get the support and information you need, with love 


Thank you for the advice! I know the decision is mine just want to make the right one

Before your recon did they tell you your weight could be an issue. They say I may need to list weight before my surgery