Deciding on chemo or not


Hi, I have recently undergone a wire guided WLE + node clearance - results show a mixed ductal and lobular 13mm invasive cancer (24mm including non invasive cells) grade 2 ER+, HER2- with 2/19 node invasion - 1 macro & 1 micro. I saw the oncologist last week and expected to be told the next step. However it appears that I am really borderline as to wether chemo would be of benefit and it is my decision to have it or not. Really struggling with making this decision - have been so positive up to now but this has floored me - am I wimping out if I decide not to have it - am I putting myself through something that’s not necessary if I do!!!  Is it usual that it would be a patients decision - I thought the doctor would be telling me the best thing to do but they don’t seem to know  Smiley Sad

Hi Tilly ,there are lots of ladies on the forum who have been in this position as it’s normal procedure for you to be offered the choice if you are hovering around a certain percentage benefit from having chemo - it’s a very difficult position to be in - if only you had a crystal ball !! Some people immediately feel very strongly either way others like yourself really struggle with this decision - it’s a very personal decision based on your own very individual circumstances .If you post in the chemotherapy section of the forum you will get lots of people sharing their experiences about this issue.Good luck with the rest of your treatment whatever you decide .Jill x

Do it if there is lymph node involvement particularly … i had only micro met in one and only few cells at that but nevertheless chemo kills rogue cells and it is do-able . Hair thinned but kept most with cold cap . Was tired but you are well cared for and take it one treatment at a time . Finished eight weeks ago had radiotherapy too bit of pain from latter due to scar tissue but you will get there please think carefully . It passes 

Hi Tillycat, 


i know exactly how you feel. It’s almost six years ago since I had to make the same decision. My cancer was much bigger than yours (37mm) and I had a few rogue cancer cells in the first of two sentinel nodes removed. My oncologist wanted me to have chemo, but my surgeon was not so keen. However, after meeting my oncologist, I decided to go ahead and have chemo. Have you run your figures through the NHS predict tool to work out the benefits of chemo over 5, 10 and 15 years? It is only a guideline but it may help you make a decision. My personal viewpoint is that I’m glad I went ahead with it. I’ll never know if it was truly worth it for me, but I do have peace of mind knowing that I did everything I possibly could to defeat this horrible disease. Whatever your decision, I wish you all the best for a healthy future. Ann xx