Decision Time!

I had WLE, chemo, rads in 2000, left side. Dx again this year right side & ended up having a bilateral mastectomy. I went to see the plastic surgeon on Thursday & he told me i had four options, using back muscle & skin for both sides & i would still need implants. Using back for my left side & expander for my right, expander’s on both sides, which he says may or may not work due to having previous rads on the left side or no recon at all (not an option).
I went to see him with expander’s as my preferred choice, but now have to make a choice. He said he is willing to give expansion a go & will know if it will fail during the expansion process, then he said i would have to have the other op on the left side to correct this. Is it worth taking the risk, at the moment i am swaying towards yes, as i don’t want yet more scars if i can help it. I just feel the rads to my left was 8 years ago & most of the damaged tissue was removed when i had the mastectomy. Has anyone else had expander’s after rads?
I go back in four weeks to let him know what i have decided.

Louise xx

Hi Marylou,

I don’t have any experience of expanders but I have had a bilateral recon using the muscle and skin from the back with implants and I am really pleased with the results. The scars on my back are in line with my bra straps so you can’t see them and the scars on my new boobs are across the middle so I can now wear lower cut tops with confidence. I was in theatre for approx 6 hours and had four drains, having them removed was the most painful bit of it all, the rest was more uncomfortable, had difficulty sleeping and getting in and out of bed, but in my opinion it was well worth it. I came out of hospital after 7 days and was back to driving after four weeks. Now 5 1/2 months on and I am back doing keep fit and my confidence is well and truely back.

Whatever you decide I hope all goes well

Take care and lots of love