Decision time

Got to have MX. Do I go for immediate reconstruction? Silicone implant? Flap options all sound huge. 

Dont know what to do!

Hi Carole, sorry I don’t have any advice as new to all this. Did they give you a choice or say what the best option would be? X

Hi Karen
They gave me a sort of choice about lumpectomy or Mx but there is so much going on in my breast and lumpectomy would be so big and then rads, that I opted to have Mx instead.
They just gave me written info on options but tomorrow I’m going to see BCN to discuss and then seeing reconstruction surgeon on Friday. All of which is delaying Mx which scares me, but trying to make right decision.
How are you now?

Hopefully your BCN will be able to you decide which option will be best for you. I also feel that given a choice I would go for mx but would probably want immediate reconstruction just to move on quicker and avoid further surgery later on. When are you having your op? Thanks for asking but I am really struggling as still waiting to go back and find things out. Finding it hard to be positive x

I can’t have a date yet. I saw a consultant who can only do mx and need to see different one to discuss immediate or delayed reconstruction. Seeing him next Friday. Then it’s likely to be a later date if I want immediate reconstruction as there’s only one surgeon who can do that. Or if it’s more difficult surgery I’d have to go to a different hospital further away with plastic surgeon. It’s all so complicated and I just want cancer out.
It’s really difficult all the waiting and uncertainty. Tonight I’m feeling less positive.

I’m quite big boobed and was sure was going to have inplants. …surgeon told me I would look silly as would be high up and only b cup…suggested tummy reconstruction I’m petrified…now my only option of looking OK is major surgery…

Millie I’m afraid that’s what they’ll say to me too. I don’t want the major surgery either and was thinking implants. But then I’ve seen lots of people saying they weren’t successful.
I’m not bothered if they look totally natural, so long as it looks ok in a bra with clothes on. I’m wondering about having an implant and later having the good boob reduced a bit and lifted.
I’d like to hear from some people who’ve had it done. Hopefully successfully.

Carole may be worth posting your query in the surgery section too (going through treatment section ) see if you get some more responses .Very hard to make such big decisions when you are anxious and exhausted .Quite a lot of ladies opt for tissue expanders which give them the option of reconstruction at a later date .The diep flap op is a very big op,but seems to have very natural results ,I think you can also have that op at a later date too…Take a note pad and write down all your questions before appointment with surgeon and don’t leave until you feel happy you have all the info .Then ask if you can have a little time to look at the pros and cons for you(everyone is diffferent ).If you have your appointment Friday I’m sure you could take the weekend to think it over and let them know Monday what you want to do.

Hi it is so difficult to decide, not only have you been told you have cancer and are scared but you are expected to make difficult and life changing decisions straight away.


I can’t advise you on mx and reconstruction as I only had mx and no recon. To me I just wanted the cancer out and as I need chemo as triple neg I just wanted to give myself the quickest healing time so I can get on to chemo. I also only have little boobs or boob thatI now have, I am 34 B/C. I am happily flat chested on one side as the BCN failed to give me a softie when I left hospital. There overnigh but was discharged in a Sat and no staff.I can have recon at a later data date if I change mind.


You need to consider recovery time if you need further treatment. Practical issues re managing at home after op, how close hospital is if you have issues. Only you can make the right decision but it is a hard one.

I noticed there is a current thread in the DCIS section about different types of reconstruction may be worth a look,but again you have to what’s right for you physically and emotionally .

Hi Carole - I’ve posted before about my situation but in case you can’t find it I had mx with immediate implant and it’s the best thing I have done. I personally (and no disrespect to others who choose) but having a scar on my side/back which could end up being numb I didn’t want and I know someone who had the tummy one and it took months and months to heal and her breast ended up disfigured. This does not mean that would happen but it just made me think when i was choosing. Also my surgeon said being a B/C cup I was an ideal candidate for an implant. Obviously it has to be your decision, an informed choice, no-one can tell you either way but just thought I would let you know how happy I am with my implant - no problems post surgery at all. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Hi Alex, actually you’ve been my inspiration on this forum. Your cancer sounds similar to mine and you’ve had a great outcome. I had decided pretty well that I just want silicone implant. Really not up for the big operations. I’m exhausted just dealing with this situation.
Been to see BCN today to talk about options and apparently they don’t do straight silicone implants but they do offer the delayed pump up implants. Bit more hassle but if that’s the choice then I’ll go with it. Booked to see the reconstruction surgeon on Friday to confirm this and then I’ll get a date for surgery at long last. Just hoping the lymphs are clear. Doesn’t look possible when you see where the lymphs are, but yours were ok and they think mine are, such a long time waiting for everything. Sometimes it’s hard to be positive xx

Hi Carole - sounds like things are moving on now - it won’t be long before you have the surgery. My lymph nodes looked clear on scan and they were, so keep your chin up - positivity is the key! Let me know how you get on x

PS - went back to work today 8 weeks post mastectomy. x