Decisions, decisions


I was diagnosed with secondary mets in my lungs about 4 weeks ago after having breast mets/mastectomy/chemo/rads four years previously.

The Dr has said that I can start chemo now if I dont want to wait until biopsy results come back to confirm if it is herceptin positive. The cancer this time is oestrogen negative. If I wait for the results to come back I might be eligible for a trial.

I am in a quandry what to do. Do I start the chemo now or wait until we have all the information and make a decision then. The only thing is is that it seems to be taking ages.


Hi Karenjane
Sorry I can’t help you on this, I do have mets but in my bones and and not HER+ve? It may be worth putting hit same question in the secondaries treatments section rather than inspiring stories as it may then get read by more women who may be able to help you.
Good luck

I Karenjane,
Just sent you a private message should be in your email.
Sarahlousie xx