def hair loss on taxotere???

Have read several posts and wonder if I will def. loose my hair this time round. Previously on ec. which resulted in hair loss. just got my hair back to"happy with it" after 2 years, and now have to start again This time am on taxotere and some posts read that hair starts growing back whilst on tax. have an appt with the hairdressers and wig clinic next week and dont want to get a number one if not necessary. This tax is tripe . I hate it and I am only on first time. I am trying to think of it as one rotten week may give my lovely partner and and I an extra month of good time
Regards to all

Hi there Ruffyp,

I’ve just finished 3 Tax and didn’t loose all my hair. Mind you I wouldn’t say there’s enough for a hairdo so ended up shaving it off anyway. A lot of women have 3 fec first before 3 tax that’s why they’re bald by the time they get tax and notice it growing back. If only starting tax first I would advise people to try the cold cap. I am now on 3 fec (on a trial) so I’m not sure if I’m going to loose my fuzzy covering anyway!!!

Lots of luck

fiona xxx


I’ve just finished 3 FEC and 3 Tax and still have quite thick hair - because I used the cold cap. It worked for me, but I did have to cut my hair short: this is it now. Even though some ladies report that hair can grow back on Tax - the drug causes hair loss, so without the cold cap, you would be likely to lose it.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
Bright x