Definately triple negative breast cancer

Morning one and all.

had appt with chemo doctor this morning… Has confirmed that i had TNBC, grade 2’ stage T2.NO which apparently is stage 1 .tumour size 2.4cms.

she was really thorough, explaining all the side effects and gave me us much info,as she could. Also,said they use a tool/website that gives recommendations for individuals treatments.  Apparently if your result/outcome is less than 3% of cancer returning chemo is not suggested but over that it is .  I came in at 5%.

so taking everything into account. 6-8 months of being unwell including my 15 radiotherapy,  plus any side effects , which all sound horrendous ( although i know not everybody has them ) plus having these real powerful meds pulsing round my body possibly permanently damaging some prts ( who knows? ) i have decided to decline the chemo n have my 15 radio as planned.

i feel more in control now i have made this decision.

expect some of you will think i’m mad n should do all i can to be rid.  Give me the proof that if i have chemo and afterward i would be 100% clear and i would have it but that cant be done.

so…will,now wait for date of radio to start and move onwards with my life again.

feel free to post any comments… 

and good luck everyone which ever decisions you make.   :relaxed::relaxed:

Hi there
Your decision that’s right for you is what’s important and 5% of cancer returning are brilliant odds anyway - good luck with everything xxxx

Hi I am same as you triple neg stage 1 grade 3 2.4cm lump removed with mx on 17 March. Clear lymph nodes from biopsies. MRI showed other boob to be clear.


I am having chemo as I was told that it will mop up any rogue cells that may have escaped. It doesn’t sound pleasant but that it my choice, it is 50:50 if I need any radiotherapy afterwards. I have two young children and I will throw everything at it to makes sure it is gone.


I completely understand that you have made your decision not to have chemo. Just wanted to wish you luck with radiotherapy, would be interested in finding out how you get on with it.


Best wishes 


Hi heather what chemo regime are you on x

Hi Lilneenz, not started chemo yet, 2 weeks post mx, I see Chemo doc this Friday. How about you?



I’m supposed to be booked in for April 10th for fec-t x6 but on way to hospital to have a ct and bone scan - petrified xx

Good luck, let me know how you get on.

Hi mini mad. Totally your decision. Mine was the opposite decision but that is what was right for me. The worry of it returning can’t be taken away whether you have chemo or not. Chemo for me wasn’t pleasant but I was very lucky with no sickness. I always think if you make a decision and it’s the wrong one for you you’ll know cos the next day you’ll wake up panicking. If you feel better now you’ve made the decision it is obviously the correct one for you. Xx

Mini mad this is exactly the way I feel about chemo. I’ve not been told that I need it yet but if mine came back as very low I think I wouid struggle to say yes to it. I’m not sure I could handle the sickness etc as I was nearly being sick with the due they put in for mri today. Everyone I’ve mentioned it too say I’m mad but I say it’s my decision and we know our own bodies better than anyone else and know what they can handle. In my gut I just know that’s not the right treatment for me after all I wouid still be at risk of it returning and I’ve read enough to know the other various problems chemo can cause. Hope the rest of your treatment goes well and good luck xx

As everyone else says it is your decision.

I’ve had chemo, I’m not gonna lie it wasn’t a pleasant experience but I am back to normal sitting here 4 years later happy knowing that I threw everything at this vile disease.

The doctors would not be offering chemo if they didn’t think the benefit outweighed the risk, also the NHS is cash strapped & chemo is expensive so they certainly wouldn’t offer it if they didn’t think it was necessary.

If it’s the side effects you’re worried about, they got plenty of drugs in their arsenal to counteract them.

You can try a cold cap if you’re worried about your hair. I lost all my hair which I found more upsetting than losing my boob but it soon grew back once treatment finished. You can get some fab wigs & the bonus to having no hair is you get an extra half hour in bed in the morning.

anyhow that’s my two penny worth - I wish you all the best x

Hi mini,
… but she also got 14 years she may not have had.
So good to hear you feel so positive about your decision, given the marginal benefit for chemo for you, it must be a relief.
best wishes everyone
ann x