Degenerative bone disease could this be bone mets ?

Hello lovely ladies

                             I was dx with grade 3 IDC in feb 2012 and had all the usual, wle, chemo & Rads, about 8 weeks ago I had shoulder pain that seemed to go to collarbone also, I had x-ray 2 weeks ago and results are shown as Degenerative bone disease ( receptionist advised ) but Dr wishes to see me as routine appointment, when I rang to make the appointment receptionist seemed to be different and said Dr has asked them to slip me in an appointment if fully booked, Im now frantic as if it is only routine appt this seems strange ! 

Can anyone relate to this or advise if bone mets can start as this ? Im just so worried


Thanking you in advance



Hi lottie
Sorry to hear you are in such a worry, sometimes people who should know better don’t always say things in the right way and don’t realise how much we can read into things. I don’t think any of us will be able to tell you any different at the moment so I hope you do get an appointment soon as at least you can ask the person with all the information. I think a lot of us find the waiting for results one of the most nerve wracking times and it’s only when we’ve been able to speak to the specialist that things calm down. I won’t say don’t worry or think about it until then as we all know that’s pretty much impossible but maybe don’t keep searching for information on the web, there are some websites which have information on them that may not apply to you and, as we’ve probably all done, it just puts our minds into overdrive. Do let us know how you get on and I hope your appointment us soon.