Delay between surgery and starting treatment?

Hi, I’m interested to know if the ‘dip’ between my surgery and starting treatment is normal? I had a great reduction as part of a lumpectomy just under 6 weeks ago. I’ve seen oncologist and they have referred me for Oncotype DX test to determine if I need chemo. Obviously I’m please they are being so thorough however equally I’m so anxious as I feel the delay to start of treatment is dragging on. Has anyone else experienced this dip between surgery and treatment? It’s driving my crazy or am I over stressing? Thanks ladies

Hi Berni - yes me!  :)


I had my surgery on 9 January, MX so no radiotherapy.  Found out my pathology results the following week, which was quick.

The BS didn’t think I’d need chemo but said it would be discussed the following week at case meetings between the various consultants.

I went again the week after expecting that to be it but the Oncologist had said he would like to see me.  That appointment took three weeks, as he was ‘out of the country.’

When I saw him he said he wanted an Oncotype-DX test done.

My results appointment was originally made for five weeks time but I now go tomorrow (four weeks later).


I keep being told ‘there is no danger’ as my tumour was ER 8/8, PR 8/8 and I’ve been taking hormone therapy since mid December.  I’m guessing you’re taking the tablets too?

I’ve done soooooo much waiting though … my surgery was delayed at the start because of Christmas/New Year.


I am happy I’ve had the Oncotype test though as it’s meant to be pretty accurate.  I’ll try to get a copy tomorrow (I was given my pathology report by Oncologist).


I’ve managed to keep fairly calm during all this waiting - before initial diagnosis I was a basket case!