Delayed FEC

Hello again these forums are great, people get back so quickly. My next question is has anyone had their chemo dose reduced? I had my first FEC 3 weeks ago and was then told yesterday my blood counts were too low to have the 2nd treatment. The nurses said they’d speak with the oncologist and it might be reduced by 20%. This is good news… I think. Has this happened to anyone else?

Sharon x

Hi Sharon,

My blood counts were too low when I went back for my second FEC, so it was delayed a week. No-one suggested reducing the dose. After that, I was always given a neulasta injection to keep my blood counts up. I would be sent home after each chemo with the syringe, and the nurses would arrange for the district nurse to come round two days later to do the injection. I even had one after my final chemo, even tho’ they didn’t need to keep me healthy for a next one.

Hi Sharon

I had exactly the same experience as RoadRunner and had the neulasta injections - I kept getting infections and ending up in hospital. I actually did the injections myself and it was fine and not difficult.


hi sharon

i came down with an infection after my first chemo so they reduced the amount of EC for my second and sent me home with the neulasta injections. i was much better on the reduced amount. I think after your first standard dose they then work out whether it’s too much, too little, everyone absorbs drugs in different ways. Mine was reduced by 20% too and this time i stayed infection free adn my count didn’t drop too low. good luck. carrie x

I had FEC and because each time my blood level was too low I had to have my FEC on a 4 weekly cycle. My oncologist said that this wasn’t a problem. I am now four years after diagnosis and currently feeling well.

Wishing you well.

Hi there
I was prescribed four Taxols and four EC . My taxol was reduced by 20% because I was neutropenic after the first dose. My ONC also reduced my EC by 25%, as I had bee in hosp with a chest infection for 10 days and also get SVT, rapid heart beats.

Best wishes Alison x

Hi everyone
Thanks for all your comments they are most helpful, I’m hoping for the reduced dose.

Hi everyone onc has offered me the choice between injections and reduced chemo (20%) I don’t know what to do! Carrie & Alison if it’s not too personal a question can I as if you are small and/or light? thanks Sharon

hi sharon

i am 9 stone and 5 foot 5. my onc seemed to think i’d benefit from amount reduction and the jabs too. did your onc tell you why you could only have one or the other. did you suffer neutropenia?? hope you at least feel that the next one will go better. carrie x

I was delayed a week on Taxotere as I had the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes and this had to be checked out. To be honest, I had such a hard time on it I was glad to have an extra week. The diabetic symptoms were a side effect of the steroids and everything went back to normal when I was finished with them.

After my 1st FEC, I was hospitalised as blood counts are low. For my 2nd and 3rd FEC, instead of reducing my dose by 20%, I had the GCSF jab and that seems to work to an extent. I was hospitalised again after the 2nd FEC but for only 3 nights instaed of 7 nights after the 1st FEC. I was not hospitalised after my 3rd FEC.

Good Luck.