Delayed test result

Has a call back from recent mammogram, which shows calcification, attended hospital for a digital mammogram, then ultrasound then had core biopsy, 4 samples taken, I was given another appointment for 1 week later to get my results that was today 10th Jan
Received a voicemail asking me to telephone the hospital 40 mins before my appointment time, I was already on my way there, to be told that my test results are not back and they will have to reschedule for another weeks time, when I asked the reason why I was told the lab has a backlog
This last week seems to have lasted a long time, not looking forward to another week of anxiety
Has anyone else experienced this ?

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I know it’s frustrating my hospital always made a appointment for 3 weeks for results and time to have MDT meeting to discuss your results and next step , good luck when you receive your results x


Hi @deedee1

Yes, this also happened to me. I hadn’t quite set out for the hospital, but was getting my coat on. I had to wait another week like you. Given that the waiting is arguably the worst part, it is cruel. By the time I had surgery, it was 88 days since I had asked to see my GP about the lump.

Horrendous, you have my full sympathies.

I’m now in another waiting zone, waiting to find out what’s next based on more histology, but trying to be more Zen this time, as I know that they have removed the cancer that they knew about. Not sure I’m managing completely, but better than before surgery, for sure!

I used a meditation mindfulness app to try to peel myself off the ceiling while waiting: Calm. You can try it for free. I do it every day now and like it so much that I paid for a year’s subscription. It is definitely helping. Maybe try something like that?

Take care

Karen x

Hello deedee1,

Thanks for posting.

Waiting for test results is a particularly anxious time and to have your appointment rescheduled when you were on your way to the hospital must have made it even more difficult.

Most hospitals allow up to a couple of weeks for a biopsy to be fully analysed and the results discussed at the multi-disciplinary meeting.

But although waiting another week isn’t unusual as @charlottebee experienced, to have your appointment pushed backed this way is frustrating like @casey4jc says. When you go for your results, it might help to provide feedback of this to your team.

While you wait you may want to post on this section of the forum. And exploring ways on managing anxiety for this coming week might be of interest.

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Best wishes


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