Delicate skin persisting after radiotherapy

Hi all/anyone,


As the title indicates, I have persistent low scale peeling of the rt area, now 6 months after finishing radiotherapy. It’s not all the time, but for example yesterday I went out buying and trying new bras…and today the whole area is dry and with the top skin layer coming off. It seems that rubbing of clothing now causes enough irritation to remove the skin. Is this something others have experienced? Is it likely to resolve or something that I now have to live with ? Any ideas or thoughts from others who’ve been through this stage very much appreciated. To add, I have also retained a brown/tanned look to the skin. 


Many thanks

Hi Charys

I don’t know if it would help you but it might be worth asking your GP or BCN if Diprobase cream would be worth trying.  I had this prescribed by my GP (before breast cancer) for problems with dry, flaking, itchy skin (particularly in winter) - and it worked, unlike other creams I had tried.  When I ended up having radiotherapy I was worried about the potential effect on my skin - the nurses said it would be OK to use Diprobase so I used it during radiotherapy and after.  I had no real problems - may or may not have been the cream - obviously I can’t say for sure!  However, I find now that if I stop using it I do seem to get problems - so I use it all the time. You can now get it without a prescription but probably worth discussing with someone first to see if they think it would work on your problem.  I use the cream (rather than the ointment) but again GP or BCN might have a view.  

Hope you can get it sorted out.

Ahhhaa…thanks…yes, I actually have an unopened diprobase here which I bought before rt. I’ll give it a try, good plan and thanks for your input…much appreciated.

Thanks so much for replying. …I was beginning to feel alone with this problem. …though yours sound like it was much worse. I will persist with diprobase for a while and if no different I will ask gp for something steroid based. Many thanks .

Hi Charys…sorry to hear you’re having post rad problems. I had something similar so thought I’d share my experience with you in the hope that it might help. 


I had 12 months of painful skin problems following rads. Had all sorts of tests and much had scratching from the docs.  Eventually got referred to a dermatologist and got a diagnosis. I have a skin condition triggered by the rads and whilst it’s a condition I will have ‘for life’, a strong steroid cream (ClobaDerm) has almost completely cleared it up in a matter of weeks after suffering for months. Seems odd as steroid cream can thin the skin but it’s worked a treat and it’s such a relief. 


Not saying yours is the same but it might be be with asking if you can see a dermatologist and/or try some steroid cream. 


As as for the brown/tanned skin, 12 months on mine is almost back to normal ?


Hope this helps and good luck x