Delighted with my new breasts

I just wanted to share some positive feelings for all those facing a MX or considering reconstruction. I know I have been guilty of using this forum constantly during my active treatment, and inevitably, as your life moves on, you post less.

I had a MX in March 2011, with delayed recon. It was tough emotionally, but physically, surprisingly easy to recover from. I was fortunate to have no complications, and although I later developed mild lymphoedema, the scar healed very well, and was trouble free. As time went on, I actually found it quite reassuring in some ways, not having an immediate recon. I had a very large tumour, and I felt that any initial recurrence could be picked up more easily without an implant in the way (a personal feeling I hasten to add- not a medical one!) My rads were also fairly trouble free, without a breast or implant to move about and pull the skin.

I chose to have an LD recon, with implant, in February. I also opted to have a risk-reducing MX on the other side, with immediate recon. It was a long op, and I was very uncomfortable when I came round. But I had fabulous nursing care, and I was home on day 5, and feeling a lot better by about day 10.

I love having a cleavage again, and my new breasts are a great shape. Having lived with only one breast for a year, maybe I appreciate the ‘new model’ more, rather than comparing it to my old breast. My new breasts are completely different - much firmer, smaller- and so far without nipples - I don’t look the same as I did pre BC, but for me, that is ok. My partner has adapted and coped. What can I say? Life moves on doesn’t it? And this is helping me move into the future, rather than mourning what I have lost. I know recon is not the right choice for everyone, but it has been for me.

It can seem like an impossibly huge mountain to climb, especially combined with other treatments - but small steps get you there. Best wishes to all - whatever stage you are at,


Thanks for your post. I am having 5th chemo today and surgery is booked for 7th July. I am having right MX with immediate ld flap recon. Glad it all went well for you.


Dear Tracey, Well done for getting through all the treatments. Your post is so positive I am sure you will be an inspiration to other ladies who will be going through similar operations in the near future.
Ju st thought you would like to know that I had a mastectomy with reconstruction and implant 23 years ago and it is still looking good and I am still very happy with it. I never went to have another op on my “good” side and decided to leave well alone. But hope you continue to make a speedy recovery and I wish you all the best for the future with your new shape. Val

Thank you for sharing such a lovely positive story

I agree,
what a heartwarming and inpirational story. Thank you.

Hi Tracey’ I had mx may 2010 and am going to see consultant may 30th so it will be 2 years . and I can’t wait to have my recon I’m so glad it all went well for you thanks for sharing from another Tracey lol x