Delivery men

Doorbell just rang and dh dropping kids off at school/playgroup. Me - PJs, mega-fluffy pink dressing gown and terry towelling bed hat - not my finest sartorial moment. Had to answer as was a delivery for my husband’s business. Nice young man gave me a “what the bl**dy hell!” look. And do you know what, I thought well you’ve been lucky today, next time I might answer with no hat at all (I’m currently sporting the army recruit look). Poor delivery man - I hope I didn’t put him off his breakfast.

Hi Nicola

I have had many similar experiences - the first being with my postman - who only used to see me very occasionally as I was always at work. Just prior to xmas, when I was doing all my shopping online - he was here most days - and the ‘look’ was progressive - first few times (following surgery) I answered the door in my dressing gown just looking generally crappy - which he appeared to accept lol - but then it was with a new very short haircut, which he seemed startled about lol - but the completely bald look took him totally by surprise! I don’t wear any headgear about the house unless it’s really cold, and I tend to forget when I’m opening the door just what I look like lol!

But bless him - he’s never commented at all - just tends to discuss the weather!


It’ double glazing salesmen who get a shock when they say “hello sir are you the house owner” -whoops

Marilyn x

It’s great for getting rid of the ones you don’t want tho ha ha Mind you it can be a nice break to have someone to talk to - or should i say listen to! I now know what it feels like to be in my dotage, between feeling cold all the time, worrying about the heating bills and feeling frail and forgetful- oh and the topic of every day - ‘Have you been yet’ ha ha - good traning I spose

Hugs to everyone
Mags x

Know the feeling! Thank god my window cleaner has a dad with chemo experience. I can scare for Britain otherwise! Poor delivery man recently was SO apologetic about calling me Sir. Could have kissed him poor love.

Sleep tight all