Dental work really scared

Has anyone else had to undergo dental work whilst having chemo? I have an impacted wisdom tooth that has become infected. My oncologist has suspended my Fec chemo after 3 session for the work to be done with the other 3 FEC to be give later. I’m really scared about having this done with low neutrofils etc and the risk of infection after the procedure.

Does anyone out there know of anyone else who has had to undergo this or similar who can give me some advice or confidence.

Kind Regards to you all love Judy

Hi Judy, I’m afraid I can’t give you any advice myself as I’ve not been through this treatment but I am sure there will be someone online who will be able to re-assure you of the procedure. Is the plan that you have it removed at your dental surgery or are they planning to remove it as an in/out patient at hospital? They will know that you have had chemotherapy and that, therefore, your neutrophiIs are potentially low and that you are more susceptible to infection so I would have thought they would keep a very careful eye on you both before and after the work.

I do suffer from wisdom teeth trouble periodically myself and am currently really struggling with one of my wisdom teeth this very moment - although my GP has said that it is not infected - although I’m not sure I agree - and if I get so far as to get through the whole course of chemotherapy without needing it to be interrupted for the tooth to be removed I have promised myself that when this is all over I am definitely going to arrange to have all four wisdom teeth removed. They are just so painful.

I hope you are not suffering too much pain from both the tooth and the chemo.

All the best,


Hi Judy

I’ve been on chemo indefinitely for the last 2.5 years and although I go to the dentist for my check ups he knows not to do any actual work.

I’ve got a chipped tooth at the back but it isn’t bothering me (at the moment!) but my oncologist said that if I did need some dental work doing she would prescribe me a ‘cover’ of antibiotics to ensure that I didn’t get an infection. Has your oncologist suggested any other medication to reduce the risk?


Pinkdove, this is really reassuring - I shall see if I can’t get my oncologist to prescribe antiobiotics as cover as I wouldn’t want my course of chemo to be interrupted.

Apologies, Judy, if I have hi-jacked your initial question - I really do wish you the best - it is such a difficult time ordinarily…


Thanks Pinkdove and Naz, I am having it removed at hospital and am on antibiotics…its just such a pain having the dreaded chemo suspended when we all want to get this over as quickly as possible.

I’m scared cos eveyone says ‘Ooh no you cant have dental work on chemo’ but perhaps it looks like you can. My onco said I cant have anymore chemo till its out cos of the risk of neutropenic sepsis. I’m so fed up waiting for the appointment!

Good luck with the hair Naz…I cut mine into an choppy crop when it started to fall out and thought it looked fab…was really depressing seeing it go down the drain each morning in shower and was gone within a week. I wished I had shaved it all off in the first place.

Best wishes to you all from Judy