Dentistry during chemo

Hi all,

I’m just wondering what one normally does re repair work that crops up during this time as a couple of wee fragments have chipped off a large filling today. I had thought that anything outstanding would be put off until afterwards, but didn’t plan on this. I won’t be finished chemo until mid October.

I figure something has to be done as I don’t want to go down the toothache/abcess route obviously. Is there a “right time” of the chemo cycle to aim the appointment for or do the dentists just keep bunging temporary fillings in without a local to avoid putting in a permanent filling that might get something under it?


Ask your dentist - usually they do not like doing work while chemo is underway but they may have a temporary solution for this kind of situation.

Hi Mousy

I had to have a tooth out while I was on chemo. Neither the dentist or my onc were too happy about it as its very easy to pick up an infection but the tooth had to go! I was prescribed Metrodent to take after the tooth removal which worked for me.
Check with your Onc and the dentist to see what they advise.

Good luck

I’ve had a large filling during chemo. the dentist didn’t really want to work on me but had no choice. I was actually quite lucky as he said under normal circumstances the tooth might have had to be removed but due to infection he really wanted to avoid that so he put in posts to hold the filling and its doing good. go see him and get some advice

The only advice my onc gave to me was I could have normal treatment, but ONLY in the week before I had chemo again, no extractions etc. I could have the routine scale and polish and check up but that was it. Best bet is speak to your dentist and oncologist and see what they have to say


I had exactly the same problem, the side of my tooth came away where I had a filling. The Onc said to see the dentist as near to my next chemo as poss, but not to have any injections or anything that would cause bleeding (as if). Anyway, went to the dentist the week before my chemo and he ‘patched’ it up and will do it properly when chemo has finished. It’s been fine since, think I’ll leave it until it starts to give me problems (coward, I don’t like dentists lol).

Love Julie x


whilst munching on a toffee (more fool me!) a few weeks ago my entire bridge and crown came out! It affected 3 teeth in total and I was left with a humungous and quite hideous gap. I knew it would have to be put back in asap before the ‘gap’ got infected.

My dentist was luckily able to literally just stick it all back in again, as it had all come out in a ‘oner’.! No needles, nothing invasive, she just sand blasted it to clean it and stuck it back in. I didn’t bleed or anything and she made sure I told the staff at the chemo unit when I went later that day. They were absolutlely fine with what had been done,

Take care and hope you get it sorted,


Thanks for your comments. My next chemo is this Thursday, so I’ll get onto it tomorrow and see if I can get an appointment before then. Fortunately we’re private so there’s none of this 2-3-week-wait business any more…

I’m glad that my tongue feels less like sandpaper today though.


Hello Mousy
I had a similar problem. A large part of a tooth broke off when I was a few weeks from the end of chemo. The dentist was unwilling to anything invasive but put a very good temporary filling in. I finally had the permanent filling done about 3 months later and the temporary one didn’t give me any problems and would almost certainly have stayed put for longer if necessary.

Good luck

OK, I have an appointment for Wednesday so I’ll put myself in their TLC and let them do what’s appropriate.