Denusomab and dentist work

Hi having denusomab and just broken a piece off a filled tooth has anyone had anything done to thier teeth while having denusomab xx

I think its root canal work which is most concerning…I have had various fillings etc done whilst on zometa/denusomab ( which have not involved the root canal) without difficulty…chat to your dentist!xx

I have bone mets, I have not had denosumab (note spelling!) but I have been on bisphosphonates for years, ibandronic acid tablets and other related drugs.  With these it is definifely OK to have normal dental fillings including repairs - my fillings have reached the end of their design life, and I do like eating whole nuts lol! 

Denosumab is NOT a bisphosphonate, it strengthens bones in a different way.

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Hope this helps.