DEODERANTS Hi i hope that someone out there can help me,i’m sure someone mentioned in a post about a deoderant that could be bought in super drug, i meant to write the name down and forgot to.
I have been going without since my op in february,but now the weather is warming up feel that i need to get some…

Hope you can help

thanks very much

Jax xxx

I use a deoderant called ROC which was recommended by my chemotherapy nurse as it does not cause lymphopedia. it is for sale in Boots and Superdrug and I find it very effective

oR IT COULD HAVE BEEN THE ICE STICK - £4.99. (also at Holland and Barretts)

Joy x

jax i got one from superdrug called BIONSEN japanese spa minerals, its a stick but they do do other stuff too,
its aluminium free. think it was about £2.50

kim x

thank you … …all very much all these names i’ll just get my pen
before i loose my memory again…now where did i put that pen…

Jax xxxx

Useful info Dear August and all

If you would like more information on lymphoedema there is a good factsheet produced by Breast Cancer Care on this site. You can download it at

Also there have been numerous discussions on the chat forums about the link between breast cancer and antiperspirants.
&forum_cmd=24&forum_id=22&topic=923&post=5916#5916 will take you to a recent one.

Hope this is useful
Breast Cancer Care

Deoderant ’ Toms of Maine ’ natural deoderant, sold at health food shops.
£3.80 roughly, keeps you smelling nice through out the day.

deodorant i got a very n ice smelling aluminium free deodorant from a website called human nutririon at Cost just under £3 a roll on plus p/p which is the same how ever many you buy. can be paid through pay pal too. a mixture of citrus and aloe vera.