Depression and breast cancer

through this experience i have gone and am still going through a wave of a roller coaster. some days i wake up and i am strong in my mind. other days i want to stayt in bed and cry and hide till everything goes away. i have learnt to deal with this and work through the bad days by keeoing focused on the light at the end of the tunnel.
from this whole experiece (if you can call it that?) i try to drag out the positives and use them, although this is very hard to do sometimes.

I was pretty pissed off with it too, apparently lots of people with cancer get depressed, can’t imagine why! I quite enjoy black humour so I did get a few laughs out of winding up the medical profession. And I took a few antidepressants and sleeping pills for a while to deaden the pain. Can’t say I slept well though, I became a frequent listener to the dawn chorus. I’m cross still but not as depressed, four years on