Ive recently had lumpectomy and sentinel biopsy with nodes that have come back clear
My tumor reads her2+ k147 er+ PR+ grade 2 . I know I should be over the moon that my nodes are clear. I told I will need Rads and I think I will be given thee option to have chemo
But I feel terrible I carnt be bothered with anything and just feel sad all the time then feel guilty for feeling like this. I want to go to my go and tell her how I’m feeling but I’m to embarrassed. But I think I have depression just don’t know what the hell is going on with me
Any body else felt the same?

Yes, I know what is happening , you are in shock . Shock at your Dx and treatment. Now the cancer has been cut out of your body, everyone including you, feels that it should be all over now and it is business at usual , except it ie not that simple is it? You need time to process what happened to you and that is an emotional roller coaster in my view.
So, make an appointment to see your GP to explain how you are feeling. She may recommend a course of tablets, may counselling even. Or you could ask to be referred to see a cancer or clinical psychologist?
Don’t bottle things up, or else you will convince yourself you are going mad, when you are not. You may also be grieving for the person you were, I did for a long long time and still do at times.

There is lots of support out there budcat, don’t be afraid to reach out and access it xxxxx

Hi Budcat,

Sorry to hear you’re feeling this way, I am sure you will get some much needed support from your fellow forum users.  You are welcome to call our helpline and have a chat with the staff here about how you are feeling, they’re here to support you through this both practically and emotionally.  Calls are in strictest confidence, and are free from landlines and most mobiles 0808 800 6000 lines open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2.

You might also be interested in joining our Live Chat service which runs for an hour each Thursday evening between 8.30 and 9.30pm - so tonight.  The session is hosted by a nurse and facilitated by a moderator so there’s always someone to talk to.  I’ll put you the link below for you to have a look at, you’ll be made most welcome if you want to give it a try.

Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Hi budcat, so sorry to hear you are feeling this way. I would say to definitely go and see your gp. Don’t be embarrassed you have just had surgery for cancer, they are there to help. I had post natal depression after my second son was born, it took some time before I recognised this and it was a very low point in my life. Once I went to the doctors things started to improve. I was on anti depressants for 9 months and they helped me enormously to see through the fog. I am worried that it will come back at some point during my treatment or post. I am just over a week post op. I already have experienced some familiar feelings when first diagnosed. But recognising the feelings is the first step to feeling better. Go and see your gp and get all the help that you need. Keep in touch on here. I have found it has really helped especially when you are feeling particularly low. Take care xxxpb

Thing is,is that we are up and about soon after surgery,wearing normal clothes,so you are thinking that it is all over and done with.It isn’t …if you are feeling you are not coping,see your GP,and you need a course of medication,so be it.take care.x

Rang my gp today got told no appt till 8 may tried to explain what is was for but no go and to try an ring for cancellation on Monday. Thanks everyone for listening. Do feel slightly better today. This site must of helped by way of putting it in black and white. Sometimes your family is just to close and I feel like I’m letting them down by being this way.