Well it has been a while since I last posted. I started weekly Taxol in Oct 2016 hormone treatments did not work for me. My life has turned upside down deciding whether to have the Taxol. Since summer 2016 I have given up a job I adored, left my partner and moved back home due to relationship breakdown.

I am trying to cope with so many issues right now I feel weighed down and unable to cope.

I am having counseling and see a Psychiatrist for drug related treatment. My last Taxol was last week. I have not got dressed yet, or really ventured out of bed. It is breaking my parents heart to see me like this. I can’t seem to rally myself around at all. On Monday I did not go to counseling. I could not get out of bed at all. I feel so tired right now. 

I had my scan results last week. The report uses the word excellent in the conclusion. My parents say ’ I should be on top of the world’ I am not. I am so terrified of the next scan in March already. How long will the 

Taxol work for ?

At The Christie in Manchester you meet other ladies and you become involved. When become sick I think 

‘OMG that will be me’

Louis. xx

Hello Louis,


I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way.You seem to have had to cope with such a lot over the past few months, it’s not surprising that something’s got to give.


If you’re suffering from depression then you can’t just ‘pull yourself together’ and look at things in a positive light. It’s going to take time and I hope the treatment you are getting will help you. In the meantime, this forum is a great place to rant and rave and get support as people usually understand how you feel.


It IS good news about your scan results. Noboby - cancer or not - really knows how long we’ve got. I know it’s really hard but try to focus on one day at a time and don’t let worrying about the future spoil the time you have been given now.


All best wishes,



I was stable on weekly taxol for 21 months, have been taken off it due to a marginal change. I hope that helps you a bit xx

Hi louis,

sorry to hear you are so down. M hubby struggles with depression (even more so now)and i know how hard it is to keep functioning. It is also very easy for people who have not walked this path to say you shouldbe pleased with results but like you, even if i get ‘good’ news i tehn think ‘what abou next time’…it is a never ending cycle that we can neer get of. I dont say this to make you geel worse…i just want you to know that you are not on your own and we all understand how you feel. It wont be an easy job to get better with your depression bu never give up. We will support you as much as we possibly can. Lots of love. xx

Just a note to say thank you for all your supportive posts. I feel a little better today.

I was hesitant to post about how I was feeling. I am pleased I did.

Thank you so much.?