Derby Royal Hospital

Hi I hope someone can help me.

My Mother aged 62 has breast cancer grade 2, she did complain about a lump on her breast sometime ago but the GP didn’t refer her for screen , he only did when she went for the second time.

The tests were done in Burton Queens hospital, but I have heard Derby Hospital is a lot better can some one please confirm their experiences if they have had treatment from derby.


I can’t comment on Derby but i can about Burton as i’m currently being seen there and have found their care very good. I think it’s fairly common for GPs to miss a lump the first time, mine did, they are only ‘General’ specialists so they have only a little more knowledge than us in this area. I will be having radiotherapy at Derby as BoT don’t do it.

Burton has a specialist Breast Clinic, which i know most hospitals don’t. They have a ‘one-stop’ clinic for your first referral, in which i had a mammogram, ultra-sound and biopsy and basically diagnosed all within 4 hours.

I wouldn’t panic about your Mum only having 1 scan in the mammogram, i’m 42 and so have denser breasts, making it harder to see inside. AS you get older the tissues thins so all can be seen easier.

My treatment, further tests ans start of chemo has all been swift with lots of support along the way. Both the nurses and consultants have been accommodating in seeing me when i needed and there is a 24hr phone line in case of worries about chemo. If i did need to go to hospital out of hours i am able to be admitted through ‘Emergency Admissions’ as opposed to sitting in A&E for hours - this has only been the case in the last 6 months and i’m not sure if this is groundbreaking or lagging behind!

Hope this helps and best of luck.

hi branston, ifound a lump beginning of march,was at derby royal 3 days later.dx with invasive ductal afer tests,ultrs,mammo and core biopsy.had wle and snd early days 4 me but so far the care i hav recieved has been fab.breast care team r brilliant!obviously i havw nothing 2 compare 2 but i will keep u posted about them,best wishes,

Hi Branston

I am currently receiving treatment at Derby Royal Hospital. I have had a few blips with delays but these were ultimately out of the breast clinics control - ie all surgical beds being taken up with swine flu patients which delayed my mastectomy. My surgery was performed by the onco-plastic surgeon there and everyone who sees the scar says it is ‘beautiful’, which I have to agree with, just have to get rid of a seroma.

The Breast care nurses are lovely and will guide you through with as much support a is needed. I am having chemo at the moment and again I cannot fault them from the Consultant oncologist through to the blood test nurses.

I guess the only thing I have found is that when things are being requested from other departments there can be a wait for procedures. I have needed to contact them to hurry things up and things have moved a bit faster. From what I understand this is the same with all hospital where it can be worse.

Karen xx

hi browneyes hope your doing alright sorry didnt get to breast care night at mackworth was on my hols,did you go?
as regard to derby royal iv just finished my treatments there and they have been really great with me,had a few blibs early on and had to ring in on the rapid response number which is a fast track to get looked at when having chemo.i found the nurses at the chemo unit really understanding i had a few tears when they couldnt get find a vein and ended up with a pic line which was brilliant,no more needles,very caring,efficent,and understanding of what you are going wishes lynne

Hi all

I was dx at Derby and had mx and chemo there. I start RADs there next week. The staff there are very good and it is a lovely modern hospital. the lady that does the prothesis fitting is also very helpful. I have no complaints.

Thank you for all your comments my mothers case was transferred to Derby on Mon 4 April but we have not heard anything yet,i am hoping that i will hear by the end of this week. How long do you have to wait do you know.

im not sure about the timescales for tranfers but i would chase it up up myself in your shoes give derby a call alex xx