DH's boss...GRRRRR!!!!


Just a quick message from the Policy and Campaigns team which might be of use to you? We’ve just launched ‘The EMPLOY Charter’ which is Breast Cancer Care’s guide to best practice in the workplace.

The materials provide employers with guidance on best practice in supporting staff members who have had a diagnosis of breast cancer and the charter also sets out the legal employment rights of cancer patients and the corresponding responsibilities that fall to employers under disability discrimination law.

You can download the resources, take the quiz or tell a friend at www.breastcancercare.org.uk/employ

Best wishes,

Laura (Campaigns Officer)

Thanks Laura.

Have fingers and toes crossed that I won’t need it but it is great to know where the resources are!


Ladylumps Have emailed you - if you don’t have access to that email address until the morning then get in touch with another email address and I will fwd it to you.

Good luck for tomorrow regardless.

I’m a teacher and teachers are entitled to 5 days compassionate leave in one school year - paid - and then compassionate leave as required - which may be unpaid. Unfortunately some headteachers - as in all walks of life - are emotionally autistic. But don’t think about what she said. Don’t let her live rent-free in your head. How did your appointment(s) go?