Diabetes/high cholesterol

Hi everyone, I wasn’t sure where to post this. Has anyone had a diagnosis of diabetes and/or high cholesterol following chemo/herceptin?? It may well be that it was always there and it’s just the tests that have brought it to the surface. Thing is, I’m told I don’t ‘compute’ as not overweight, exercise, eat well, don’t smoke and have below average blood pressure! One GP said it could be that the chemo has caused damage to cells which has resulted in these complications. Am I alone with this one??? x

Hi Deni1960, I too have high cholesterol and was told it was not surprising because if my illness and treatments. I have lowish blood pressure and am on chemo just now. I have been thinking of bringing up the question again with my Consultant when I see her next. I do not smoke either, never have. I am a bit more overweight than I would like to be Xbut as I am on many drugs and treatments I do not worry about it too much. I am 59 and have been dealing with Bc for 20 years now and also have bone mets now. However I would be interested in more information about high cholsterol and any info that comes your way. My elderely parents both have high colesterol but as Dad is 85years old soon I told him not to give up his favourite food. He comes from Devon originally and loves his clotted cream! I believe a little of what you fancy does you good! And I don’t like diets. Why do only overweight people drink diet coke? Hope I don’t offend anyone with this one! Love Val (Scottishlass)

hi deni and scottishlass
i was diagnosed with high cholesterol but it was related to v. low thyroid activity. i think was probably aggravated by chemo and radiotherapy but was an underlying thing. maybe get your thyroid tested?

should also have said that my cholesterol came down when i started taking medication for the thyroid…

Thanks for responses Joannafinch and Scottishlass! Had my thyroid tested - this was ok. Have a GP appointment tomorrow so will find out more. Perhaps it is a case that these things are underlying in some cases and would have surfaced eventually but have been brought forward by chemo etc. I’ve had BC twice now - first time 7 years ago and was blasted with all sorts - chemo/rads/zoladex/tamoxifen - I had a new primary last Feb and I had mastectomy/recon/chemo/herceptin. I guess our poor bodies can only take so much eh!! Will let you know what doc says. xxx