diabetes & reconstruction

Hi I have DCIS and have to have a mastectomy, my dilema at the moment is should I have reconstruction because I have diabetes and high blood pressure, my surgeon and breast care nurse say I’m high risk because there is a possibility the reconstruction won’t take, I’m also worried about being under anasthetic for going on 8 hours as I’m also overweight. My family are supportive but say they would rather have me well with one boob. I thought I had made a decission until I saw some photo’s of reconstructions and mastectomy’s yesterday. I have a date for my mastectomy 17th April, but have to let them know this week if I change my mind. I really don’t know what to do, I know its my decision but has anyone got diabetes and had a reconstruction. Sorry I seem to be waffeling a bit buy I’m having a really bad day


Hi Lorraine

I do not have diabetes but I have had recon. It seems a bit unfair of your medical team to expect you to make this decision. If your diabetes is normally well controlled, I am sure they would not be prepared to go ahead with the operation if they felt the risks were too high. Obviously, risk factors increase with age, smoking and existing medical conditions etc, but they should perhaps give you more of an idea of the liklihood of complications, what will be done to minimise them and what can be done if they do ooccurr.

It is always a difficult decision whether to put your body through more surgery. Are you planning to have the recon done at the same sitting as your mast?

Good luck in your decision. I think if I was feeling how you sound, I would be going back for more information to allow me to make an informed choice.

Best wishes.